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C Section moms....

How long did you keep the stirry strips (sp?) on for?  I want to pull mine off....just not sure.  They itch and it is tugging my skin. I had my cs on 9/9/09.  Also, no one told me how long before I can carry dd in car seat carrier! I called the dr office but they have not called back....ugh.

Thanks :)

Re: C Section moms....

  • at about 2.5 weeks

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  • Hmm not sure about the first part, I was just glued together - nothing to remove. I was told I could not lift anything heavier than the baby in carseat for 6 weeks after.
  • I think mine started coming off after a week and I pulled the rest off after two weeks per my OBs ok. I was also told not to lift anything over 12 pounds. Since my LOs were only 5-6 lbs each, I carried them in their car seat one at a time from the beginning.
  • After my 2 week check up the Dr. said I could start peeling them off. But she said I couldn't lift anything heavier than the baby and her carseat for 6 weeks.
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  • Steri-Strip.  My OB told me to remove mine after about a week after a shower (so it'd be easier to remove).  But, I think it depends on what you have underneath.  I had internal dissolvable sutures only; no staples or external stitches.
  • I had mine on for 6 weeks but i think i was able to take them off way before that. I took some off like at 3 weeks the one that didn't hurt so bad to take off.  when they feel like they can easily come off I would just take them off but i would wait at least 2.5-3 weeks before doing so.  just incase  Yes they do itch i hated that!  I didn't carry anything until 6 weeks.  It took me really 2 weeks to feel some what better to get around.  I didn't lift anything for 6 weeks
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  • Mine started falling off and I just tore them off.  

    As far a lifting, I waited about 3 weeks before I tried to lift anything other than DS. 

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  • I peeled them off after 2 weeks.
  • I was carrying the car seat carrier in a week (no one told me not to), and I didn't have the strips.  
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  • I took them off around 2 weeks- they do itch!

    I think I carried DS in the carseat the first week.

  • I didn't get steri strips. You probably could take them off now, How does your incision look? If the skin is closed, you should be fine to remove them. Still take it easy though b/c you're not healed internally yet.

    I was told not to lift anything heavier than DS until the 4 wk mark at the earliest DEPENDING on how I felt. I ended up getting an infection in my incision so that was actually extended until my 6 wk check up.

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  • image vhortde:
    Hmm not sure about the first part, I was just glued together - nothing to remove. I was told I could not lift anything heavier than the baby in carseat for 6 weeks after.

    Ditto this.

    However, I had steri-strips when I had knee surgery and I was told to keep them on until they fell off. It took about 3 weeks for them to fall off.

    I was allowed to only lift DS in his carseat or less until my PP appointment at 6 weeks.


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  • I would ask the OB.  I was told I could take mine off after 5 days.  I left them on for several more days just to be safe.
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  • Keep them off until they fall off.  They're not going to hurt anything, and help provide structure to the external healing of your scar.  Just make sure to keep them clean and dry.  You don't want them to get moisture trapped underneath.  Mine started to come off around 2 weeks, and finished by about 4 weeks. 

    The carrier is almost weightless, and C/S moms are allowed to carry their LO right away (but nothing heavier), so you should be okay.  However, it's always better safe than sorry, and I think holding the carrier out to the side is much more difficult than holding LO in your arms.  Have your DH/SO/someone else carry the carrier when possible.  When it's just you and baby, avoid carrying him/her in the carrier unless it's snapped into the stroller. 

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