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Had My Baby - Really LOOONG!

Ok so you all asked for details and well here it is.

Ok so at 12 am on September 16th I got out of bed because the contractions I was feeling just would not let me sleep. I felt like I was going crazy. At 3 am I finally decided to wake DH up to go to the hospital the contractions were between 3-4 min apart and getting more intense, although DH was a little hesitant considering this would be trip number 8, argh! We headed to the hospital again and got into triage with a familar nurse from our second trip at 30 weeks. She had us hooked up to the monitor then called the Dr. At about 4:20 they came and told us we could walk around the hospital and to be back around 5 am. So off we went well needless to say as we were walking I had to stop every 3-5 steps to breathe through the contractions. We decided to head back to our room so I could sit for a bit. We waited in the room for the nurse to come in and check and I had reached 4.5 cm so they decided to admit us YAY, we were going to have our baby finally!! We were admitted to labor and delivery and met our first nurse and right now I have no idea what her name was I honestly could not remember but she was funny. I called my parents and told them it was time to come to Phoenix.

We met Dr. Hartzfeld (my dr was out of town on vacation) at about 8 am, she looked like she was in her 30's but very nice. I told her I did not want to rush things and that I wanted to hold off on an iv and pitocin and epidural as long as possible, not that I was planning a full natural birth but I felt I wanted to try and see where I would get without the epidural just because I felt it would be empowering. She gave me a couple options, I could do the pitocin but I would have to be on the IV until the baby was born or they could break my water. Well cosidering my parents would not be here until 11:30 at the earliest so I was not sure what to do. Well because my labor was stalling the doctor told me she was confident my mother would be here in time. We decided the best way to go about things was to break my water so at 8:30 AM my water was broke. The dr told us there was a lot of fluid and she would say the ultrasound was acurate about the 27 cm.

Just for you new mothers out there when your water breaks it feels like a gush of wam water and because your body will continue to produce the fluid it will continue to "leak" as they say. Well that is the worst part and you don't get to turn back once your water has been broken. Not fun when I needed to go to the bathroom, but DH found it hillarious.

Ok so they had to put me on a monitor all the time now, before it was once an hour for 20 min. Well when DH's mom got there it made me laugh because she wanted to know progress everytime the nurse came in the nures told her she had not checked and it was because we well I had decided to do minimal checking for my own comfort level. It did make me laught when she asked though.

At 10:00 ish DH's mom went to go get my cell phone and then pick up my mom at the airport. I was so glad to have my Mom coming because honestly every girl I know wants her own mom at least there for her when she gives birth. When my mom got there I felt a lot better although we had not had any progress from the morning when the check and I was at 5 cm. It was going to be a long day. Not much happened from the time Mom arrived and the time Dad got in at 1:30, he took a cab to the hospital because we did not know where I was at and no one wanted to leave and miss it. Dad said he was taking a cab so not to worry. Beth went to get food and I was sitting breathing through lots of contractions still 3-4 minutes apart, they hurt but I was still ok with breathing through them.

Moving ahead to a couple hours later OMG DH's family was texting they were coming by after work I was getting restless because people had gone to work nd getting off already and I still had no baby :(. When DH's sister got to the hospital I was getting even stonger contractions, oh I had ben on pitocin too I do not remember when they put me on it but it was because I was not progressing again. Ok so back to the story I was slowly reaching my limit on the pain it was about 2:45 PM when they asked how I was doing and if I would like an epidural. I said its getting a bit painful but I want to wait half an hour. Well about 5 min later I could not take it anymore and hit the nurse call button they had intensified a lot more in just 5 min. They came in and gave me an epidural I had 5 contractions in the time it took to get the epidural and I was crying and could not control my pain anymore I had not slept since the night before. I was so greatful once the epidural kicked in.

Well at 4 or 5 I think we finally hit 8 cm. Thank goodness I was getting so tired. At 7:30ish I think we hit 9.5 cm I was like are you kidding me. At 8 we finally hit 10 and I kicked my Mom, Dad and DH's Mom behind the partitian, I am still not comfortable with sharing everything with other people if you know what I mean. We started pushing and I was amazed at how calm everything was they told us about 2 hrs of pushing so I was excited we were going to have a baby tonight!

Ok so 2 hours of pushing is not like in the movies no screaming just a lot of counting. It was nice and calm and just me DH and the nurse. Well 2 hrs came and went and Austin was offically stuck. The nurse went to get the dr and we were told our 2 options. IF I could push him a little more then we could use the vacuum if not then we're gonna need a c-section, and everyone knows that is a four letter word in my book. Well at this point I was 36 hrs of no sleep and 2 hrs of pushing I was going to finish this project as DH put it. So we pushed with the awsome help of my dr and got Austin ready to be assisted out. Well at 10:31 PM with the help of the vacuum baby Austin Lewis was born weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and 20.5"! Oh and the kicker he did have a huge head, in fact I would have needed a csection had I waited till the following week. Thank you Austin for coming 2 weeks 3 days early!

Oh and as you all would guess I did cry, as soon as I heard him start crying I did too and for a good 20 min I was tired and relieved and happy. DH stood by my side the whole time and did not leave until I told him to go hold his baby.

We are all doing well and very happy with our little Austin!!

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