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Baby spitting up all her breakfast

This is the 3rd day K has spit up practically an entire bottle! It happens at least once a day for the last 3. So if she's teething how long will this last? She doesn't seem upset or bothered by it and she doesn't act like she hungry after "emptying" herself. Any suggestions? Im waiting on the triage nurse to call me back. TIA
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Re: Baby spitting up all her breakfast

  •  I would find out if she has reflux. Nathan does but he's fine with it, he's not fussy or crying when he does it. Some babies, the Pedi perscribe Zantac and that makes it go away. I would make an appointment with your Pedi and tell them about it. Maybe they can perscribe it to help her. When babies drink their bottles and then spit it up, they are still geting the nutrients from the formula etc. As long as she is still having a good amount of wet diapers, she's perfectly fine.Smile
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