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Mothers whose LO have Reflux.

Did your LO do better on Zantac or Prevacid? I'm trying to figure out if Prevacid is worth trying to see if my LO's reflux would be any better using this medicine then Zantac. Let me know your thoughts.

Re: Mothers whose LO have Reflux.

  • We tried Zantac but DS HATED it. We tried everything. He wouldn't even eat a bottle if there was zantac in it. Luckily about 2 weeks later we stopped having problems with his reflux. No spitting up, no fussing, absolutely nothing.
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  • Nathan has it and my Pedi  recommends Zantac. She said he didn't need it because it didn't seem to be bothering him but today he has started crying when it happens so I might have to have them perscribe him it.
  • I dont have experience with Zantac, but my DS is on prevacid - once we got the dose right he started doing much better.
  • D started Zantac about 6 weeks, and it was REALLY helpful for a few weeks.  Then she started to outgrow the dosage, the symptoms returned, and when we increased it according to her weight, there was no improvement.

    She's still on Zantac but now takes Prevacid also and has been on it about a week.  It can take 2 weeks for maximum effectiveness, and we've seen some improvement but there are definitely still issues.

    D had reflux confirmed by Upper GI and it was rated as "severe". 

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  • When did your LO's reflux go away? The doctor said at 4-5 months it may get worse again, but then gets better after 5 months.
  • i was warned she may have it for a loooong time.  The doctor wants us to start solids early; we're going to discuss next week.  Solids generally help with reflux because they're thicker and more soothing going down.

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  • My son is on Zantac -- it was working OK but stopped a couple days ago. We upped the dosage, but if that doesn't work, my ped may put him on Prevacid. It's hard to tell right now if the higher dose is effective because he spit out one dose and the next time, he spit up shortly afterward so I don't know how much he's even getting!
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  • My dr. switched us from Zantac to Prilosec.  I think it works the same as Zantac, but it tastes better so ds doesn't spit it out as much.  We had been putting the Zantac in his bottle,b ut the dr. said that would dilute it too much.
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