3rd Trimester

what songs during labor?

If you plan to bring music with you, what songs are going to be on your playlist?

Re: what songs during labor?

  • enya, canon in D, soothing things like that--at least those helped during my daughters delivery
  • How about "I'm coming out" by Pink or Diana Ross?  LOL
  • The CDs I know for sure I plan on having with me...

    - Appleseed Cast - Low Level Owl
    - The Smashing Pumpkins - Melancholy & the Infinite Sadness (Disc II)
    - Sigur Ros (any of theirs)
    - Apocalyptica - Inquisition Symphony

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  • My DH is a huge Iron Maiden fan, for our wedding I surprised him and had the string quartet versions of his favorite songs played while people we're being seated until I came down the aisle. I think I will have my ipod set on our favorite bands in string versions, I find them incredibly soothing and I hope it will help calm his nerves a little.
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  • I want a Reggaetone mix.

    My coach wants me to bring Christian music. 

    LOL i'm at a loss, i'm afraid to tell her no,

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  • I alternated with The Grateful Dead and Norah Jones for my labor with DD#1. And now, certain G.Dead songs immediately bring me back to the happiest moment of my life (the most painful, but the happiest!!) when I listen to them. 
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  • My playlist so far contains about 80% solo Matthew Good.

    Some Cat Power, some Sufjan Stevens, some Andrew Bird. I'll probably end up bringing my iPod and huge pro-headphones/mini speakers instead of a burnt CD or something.

  • When I was in labor w/ DD, I listened to Elijah Bossenbroek music. It's absolutely breathtaking beautiful piano playing. Just amazing to listen to, so relaxing and calming and emotional and.. well, you can listen for yourself ;)

    THIS is one of my favorites. (you don't have to watch the commercial, just click the little link at the bottom of the TV screen thing that says "continue to video")

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  • There's an artist called "Plumb" who has an album called "Blink."  A friend just loaned me her copy to put on my ipod for the big day.  It's a nice sound!

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  • I posted about this the other day -


    in case you want to check out the responses there as well.

    I chose some songs about being parents, I think it will make us really excited to meet LO and labor that much easier. Songs like My Little Girl by Tim McGraw.

  • Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, The Beatles, music from I Am Sam and Across The Universe, some Hawaiian stuff I got from an old volleyball coach of mine and some instrumental stuff. It's a pretty eclectic mix, if I do say so myself...Big Smile

  • With my first, I just had music that made me happy. DH and I still joke about the fact that DS was nearly born to Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Please tell me you know what song that is or I am going to feel really old!
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  • DH and I are HUGE Killers fans and were actually on a vacation weekend to see them when LO was conceived- so probably a few choice songs from them. When we listen now we just smile and giggle and rub the belly. It makes us think of all our happy moments. I think that'll help me not feel so anxious.?
  • My musical tastes are so all over the place that I will just bring my ipod and speakers. Who knows whether I will want some soothing Norah Jones or rock music to take my mind off the labor pains and such. (maybe if I play all the music my MIL hates she will be offended and leave me alone most of the time :)  )
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