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Rude people and their age

I noticed that usually older people are so much more willing to lend a hand!

For example, today at the car dealership:

- Mechanic in his 20's: where's your car parked?
- me: right next to the building here
- Mechanic: ok, bring it around to the front.
- mechanic's older boss: no - we'll take your keys and get it.

(seriously, it was like 20 feet from where they were going to bring it into the garage, but I had my DD, her stroller, a bag of toys, and the diaper bag in tow!)

Later at Goodwill, I was unloading tons of stuff out of the car -

20ish year old guy - "Put that stuff over there" - as in drag all the boxes and bags of stuff from the hall all the way across the room, while I've got my toddler in the car and I'm struggling 38 weeks preg.

Seriously, some people are clueless!  Tends to be the younger ones, although the older ones despite tending to be more helpful (holding doors etc) are the ones that make stupid comments (like the MILs telling us to rub our nips with sandpaper)!!

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