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Most painful part of giving birth?

Hi, I'm currently in my 2nd tri, but have a question for you new mommies. I was wondering what was the most painful part of the whole birthing process for you? Just heard from my cousin that it was when they inserted the the IV drip and that was a surprise to me. Trying to be as mentally prepared as possible. Thanks in advance!

Re: Most painful part of giving birth?

  • I didn't have an IV/hep lock so I don't know about that, but for me it was some of the very late/intense contractions.  Pushing hurt, but it was more just hard work and took FOREVER. The contraction pain near the end was pretty awful. 
  • The first contraction after my water broke sucked. Crowning was worse, but his shoulders coming through was the most painful, by far!


  • For me it was when he was crowning, the last ~5 min before he was born.  It was painful but manageable; certainly not the worst pain I've ever felt.  (I had an epidural, which I HIGHLY recommend if you're open to that).

    Try not to freak yourelf out re: pain.  It can be managed quite well and you'll get through just fine!

  • I'd say getting the IV as well.  I had an epi which hurt a little, but nothing hurt after that!  I didn't feel my 2nd degree tear or being stitched up.
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  • I'm probably not the best person to aswer this because I had a lot of painful problems occur, so probably a cross betwee the following.. the iv had to be put in twice, and another one in the other hand, the epidural..they tried twice, both times failed and I had to go without, and I tore quite a bit ..I had two doctors stitching me up.  As I said, this isn't, from my understanding, normal.
  • Do you plan on going med free? This would make a big difference as to what you would feel and what you will think is the most painful part. For me it was the contractions the last 6 hours of my labor. I gave in and asked for the epi but it failed after 6 attempts of placing it so I still felt the pain.
  • The double peaking contractions were AWFUL.
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  • The nurse's failed first attempt at putting in my IV was the second most painful part.  Most painful was pushing for THREE hours!  I had an epidural, but my little munchkin was caught on something and I had terrible pain in the lower front part of my belly with every contraction while pushing.  But trust was all worth it!
  • The contractions starting at around 5cm until I was ready to push. I was on a LARGE quantity of pitocin, so they DID NOT LET UP - even for a minute in between! I thought I was going to die then, but now that I look back on it - I would do it again in a heartbeat!

     I really hated the internal "checking" they did to see how many cm I was. It sucked, but once it was over, it didn't hurt.

    Another part that really hurt was after the birth when my dr reached INTO my uterus to make sure everything was out. Not sure if all dr's do that...

  • The IV drip was a breeze for me, barely felt it going in. Same with the epidural. But in general I'm not afraid of needles so probably being relaxed about that makes me not feel them too much. Everyone is different though. For me the most painful part of labor was the contractions (before the epidural). They were horrible, I thought I was going to die. Since I had anesthesia I can't say how pushing the baby out feels. It was exhausting but not painful. I imagine that must suck too if you don't have pain medication. Honestly, don't be afraid, once you're in labor you're so focused on having the baby that you're not really scared, just determined. I hope you have a good delivery, GL!
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  • Contractions while on pitocin. Hot damn, those hurt. I went through two hours of them before they finally brought my epidural. It was easy peasy from then on out.
  • Well, I'm sure that it depends on whether or not you opt for the epi, which I did, so I'd say the most painful part was either the Penicillin in my IV because I was GBS + (it BURNED going into my hand, really bad) or the last half hour of contractions when his head was pushing on my pelvis and it hurt so bad it over-rode my epi.  I was literally numb from the waist down the entire time, I couldn't feel Anything once they gave me the epi, except for that last half hour.  Once his head descend past my pelvic bone I felt nothing again.  I didn't feel him crowning, the MW had to tell me when to push because I couldnt feel my contractions.  The epi was total bliss, btw. 


    Oh, also, once I regained feeling in my lower half and they removed the catheter, peeling the adhesive patch that was holding the catheter tubing off my inner thigh hurt like a ***!

  • They turned down my epi so I could feel pressure which I began feeling my contractions while I pushed which hurt the worst...I pushed for 1.5 hours.  Now, I realize 1.5 hours of pain wasnt bad, but while pushing you don't know when its going to end!

    I was sure they turned off my epi meds, but I didn't feel my ob give me my episiotomy.  My husband said, wow contractions must really hurt if you can feel everyone of them, but didnt feel your episiotomy!  (I was on a pretty high dosage of pitocin...due to corio...and infection my uterus developed the day before.  My uterus was progressing slower rather than faster...etc.

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  • Oh yeah, and after the epidural I felt the pressure from contractions but NO pain. I didn't feel the baby crown, the episiotomy, or the stitching. I love epidurals!
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  • Ugh. The contractions after they broke my water. Cripe!! I was just gripping the side of the bed and shaking and trying to remember to breathe. 
  • I had a lot of complications with the catheter.  When they gave me the epi they waited awhile to give me the cath, so i had to pee soooooo bad and I physically couldn't.  My bladder got irritated and each contraction was total hell.  When they finally cath'ed me it felt like someone was stabbing me over and over again in the crotch.  They had to take it back out and straight cath me with a smaller tube.  They had to wait to get a smaller catheter setup (it took five hours to get it) so I had to pee soooooooo bad and my bladder kept getting irritated over and over again.  They said that my bladder being so full was actually pushing the baby back up, which meant that it just kept getting more and more painful.  My bladder was still so irritated for a week after I gave birth that it hurt like hell every time I tried to pee (and yes I say try, because it took a LOT of effort...).

    Err...hope this doesn't scare  The epi was great until all the cath problems started!

  • Contractions less than a minute apart. I couldn't even catch my breath.
  • I also had 2 failed epidurals.. so I had no pain medication and was not mentally prepared for a med-free birth. Crowning hurt, DD getting stuck and having to push from 245p to 615p (when she was finally born) REALLY HURT, and my OB having to manually remove retained placenta was the worst (ie, reaching in while pushing on my belly). Unfortunately he didn't get it all and after starting to hemorrhage in my 2nd wk PP, I had to have a D&C to surgically remove the rest of the placenta.

    BUT, my situation is certainly not the norm. 

  • I had a lip in my cervix that was preventing DS from coming down.  The doctor had to reach in and push the lip up while I was trying to push him down and past it.  Excruciating.  (They had put the pitocin all the way up and turned the epi down so I felt everything)  I pushed for 4 hours.
  • my horrible c section.
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  • I had an epi, so the most painful part to me was recovery.  I wasn't expecting to be so sore the next day!


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  • It was very intense when he was crowning but i knew it as the end so mentally I think I handled that better. I had a epi and there were several times where is wore off & I required large amounts of extra meds ( I am a L&D nurse & I couldn't believe how much they were giving me) that pain was by far the worse because i was only about 5-6cm and didn't know how much longer I could last like that.


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  • I'll agree that the IV was the worst part by far.  I have "bad veins," so they stuck me 7 times before getting it.  I had an epi and then an emergency c-section so I didn't feel anything.  The gas pains after the c-section was kinda bad too.  Good Luck!!!!
  • image Hoovereeno:

    The first contraction after my water broke sucked. Crowning was worse, but his shoulders coming through was the most painful, by far!

    Oh yeah, the contractions that came after my water breaking were brutal.

    And feeling his head being sucked out by the vacuum was painful/really weird feeling.

    Looking back though, it doesn't seem so bad.

  • The contractions prior to the epi (the epi was bliss), and that damn 13 inch head coming out. The shoulders were easy after that. Them "massaging" my uterus afterward was not at all comfortable, but didn't come with nearly as much pain as the other two things.
  • The four hours between my water breaking and my epidural were pure hell - contractions went from 2 minutes apart to less than one minute, and the whole thing is just a blur of pain. It felt like an alien was attempting to birth itself directly out of my abdomen.
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  • I went natural, so I thought the last contractions (going from 7 to 10 cm) was by far the worst pain. I was begging the nurse to let me push and it felt better to push.
  • UGH!!!  The crowning for me, definitely the crowning...but it is well worth it, trust me.
  • image annibes:
    Ugh. The contractions after they broke my water. Cripe!! I was just gripping the side of the bed and shaking and trying to remember to breathe. 

    I'll second this!!! 

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