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Labor vs. BH.... need help!

So I'm a hair behind 36 weeks and this morning I went to Target for a quick jail break. I had to leave early because I was having some pretty intense cramps with lower back aches but they weren't coming and going, it was pretty constant and escalating for maybe 5+ minutes?

I came home and now I'm plopped on the couch and it seems like every 30 minutes or so I get a wave of cramps and contractions but then they go away, and it isn't half as bad as it was at Target this morning.

I'm skeptical but so ready for labor, could this be the begining of true labor?

Re: Labor vs. BH.... need help!

  • I do not know but want to add that even when I get out of bed and walk to the "sun room" here at the hospital, not far at all, I get crazy pains too... I've been hooked up to the monitor afterward and the nurses think that I am just soooo worn out from all this bed rest that everything hurts at this point.... Cannot wait to be strong enough to walk to 1/4 mile with ease... this is ridiculous!! I guess that is what I get for not taking the wheel chair... I think at this point I am so weak that once I get home I will get winded walking from one side of my house to the other.

    Anyway, I just totally made your post about me - sorry! I hope you feel better and that they turn into some nice contractions, if that is what you want - if not -  I hope they ease up so you are not in pain. How rude for them to interrupt your target visit!

  • Well, I am no expert, but I would not call it labor yet.  I have been having pains on and off all day, and now they are all gone.  I was so thinking this might be it, but no!  I was on bedrest for preterm labor, but have been off now for a few weeks.  I've been having contractions on and off for a few weeks, some painful some just kinda crampy.  I am thinking some of it is just pain from the baby getting into position or my body getting ready.  So, I'd watch it, but if it isn't regular, I would call them just BH.  Good luck!
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  • I'm going on hour 8 right now of contractions. While the pain hasn't increased the frequency has and they are definately uncomfortable! I'm going to take a good shower tonight and try to get sleep. Maybe this is just another dress rehersal but just in case it isn't, I don't want to be caught with hairy legs and greasy hair!
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