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~November Ninjas Friday Check In~

Wanna be added? New here? This is a group for women expecting to have their baby in November. If you would like to join our group, please email me your information! My email address is holleich@aol.com. Please include your screen name, name, age and estimated due date, and gender if you know it.


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In the interest of shorter posts, I have made the November Mommies Due Date list a link! Please click on the link below to see the Due Date List.



QOTD - If you know it, have you emailed me your babies gender (holleich@aol.com, please include DUE DATE, screen name, and gender)?

Have you picked your pediatrician? How did you decide on them? Did you interview?

Me (Holly) - We will be using the same one we use with DD. We had a close friend refer us to her. We really like her quirkiness! She does a great job and is funny to boot!
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Re: ~November Ninjas Friday Check In~

  • I'm a slacker and haven't called any pediatricians yet.  I got like 3 recommendations for the same one though, so I just need to call over there and see if they'll take us.
  • These things are pretty easy in a small town. There aren't a lot of choices and everyone knows everyone.

    My doc is highly recommended, is the doctor for my best friend's girls and happens to be my best friend's neighbor. I also had his daughter in my history class.  

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  • We will be using the same pediatrician as DS. I am a L&D RN and I knew of her from the hospital. She is highly recommended so that is how I chose her with DS. I did not interview her. :)
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  • At the hospital we will just be using which ever one is on call for Kaiser (because we don't have a choice, same as with who will be delivering). Afterward we will be using one through Kaiser that a friend recommended, we didn't do interviews though.
  • I picked mine this week on recommendation of a friend and am scheduled for a pre-birth appointment with her today. She is in the same building as my OB, right next to my hospital, and is one of the regulars at the L&D center there.  I only get to keep her for the birth because Tricare Prime dictates that since we have pediatricians at the base, we have to go to them.  Either way is fine because I work on-base and live next to the hospital!  Plus LO's daycare will be on-base.
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  • Two family members and two friends all use the group of doctors that we will be using. They came highly recommended. I haven't decided if we need to go meet the doctor for interview yet.
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  • We are in a small town as well and there were only two that took our insurance so the decision was pretty easy. LO and I are moving in January when DH deploys anyway so at the moment it's not really a "pressing" issue. Might be more difficult after we move since we will be there for about a year.
  • Yep, we'll be using the same one we used for Layla.

    When I was pregnant with her, I didn't do an interview or anything, I just asked around. There are a lot of kids in the family, so I knew about a few pedis and I also knew of one I did *NOT* want to use (he's the Dr for my boy cousins and they are always sick, always on something, allergic to everything, and always need breathing treatments. I always joke that they could have a broken arm and need breathing treatments).?

    My OB at the time recommended the pedi I went with. I figured I'd see how he did with Layla.. b/c you can ask all the questions in the world, but when it comes down to it, it meant more to me to see how he interacted with her, treated her, etc.

    Layla had to be in the hospital at 4 months and 5 months and he was amazing. He was great, he even told me I needed to go home and rest, but he said he knew I wouldn't.

    So.. my advice is to interview away, but know you're not locked in and seeing how the Dr actually treats your child means more than the answers they have to the questions :) ?

  • I've been slacking.  I think I know who I am going to use, he is the same Dr. who both my husband and I went to when we were kids (small town).  But I still need to call and make sure he is taking on more patients. 
  • Haven't picked one yet.  Insurance only covers 2 pedi. groups in our area - but there are 3 dr.s in one group and like 8 in the other.  I don't think I'm going to interview.  I think I'm just going to get accepted to one of the groups and see if I like individuals as I go to them.  As I understand it, when you're part of a group practice, you can't always get the dr. you want anyway, especially in an emergency. 



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  • I plan on using the same pediatrician my brother goes too. My mother used her for all three of my younger siblings so she's very familar with my family and a wonderful doctor.
  • I am using the same pedi that my sister uses for her DD. She's also the same pedi that my OB reccomended. I am not interviewing her. I trust my sister's judgement as well as my OB.


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  • Using the same pedi as we do for DD. 
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  • We will be using the same one that see's DS.
  • Have you picked your pediatrician? How did you decide on them? Did you interview?
    We found a pediatrician a few months ago. I went online and googled pediatricians in my area. I found a couple forum sites where people recommended their pediatricians. There was one doctor near our home that was highly recommended among the forum sites. I called to see if she was taking new patients and she wasn't so I asked who she refers people to and was given the name of another doctor near us. We didn't do an interview. I figure if we don't like her we will know it after the first visit and can look for another pediatrician at that point. 
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