3rd Trimester

If you plan to work until you give birth....

Do you still plan to do that if you go past your due date?

At this point that is still my plan and people are giving me such crap for it. I figure I'm uncomfortable regarless I might as well be getting paid and I'm using sick/vaca time for my leave I don't want to waste it.


Re: If you plan to work until you give birth....

  • I think you're absolutely right. Most of the women in our office work until they deliver. I think my boss would be irritated if I started leave early.
  • Ditto.  That is me exactly.  I am working up until he decides it's time to come out!
  • I will be working up until I go-

    i sit at a desk all day so my job isnt strenuous. (Even if my doc put me on bed rest I would more than likely go to work,.)

  • I am going to try and work even if I pass my due date.  I know it will be annoying since I will be uncomfortable and having to deal with all the "you are still here" comments, but it will be worth having the time with DS once he is here.  I may try to work from home, but I don't think that will be an option. 

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  • I was planning to work until I gave birth but the last week or two have been really hard on me.  So, now tomorrow will be my last day working but I have to take off without pay.  Then, once Gwen is here, I start my STD leave for 6 weeks.
  • yes.  who is giving you crap about it?  I actually didn't use sick time for my leave, but I didn't want to waste any of my maternity leave on waiting for my baby.
  • I've just been thinking about this.  Right now I'm thinking that since my due date is on a Wednesday, if the baby isn't here by the Friday of that week then I'll just stop working at that point.  I imagine my doctor would want to induce by then anyway, and my temp will be waiting for me to leave to start work, so it just seems easier all around.   
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  • I plan on working until Im 39 weeks.  Im a lucky one up here in Canada so I get a year off.  i figure the week  or so will give me time to clear my head before I deliver, that is unless I go early!!
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  • I read an interesting article about recovery time. It compared those who worked up to their due date and those who took off two weeks before. The recovery time for those who worked was significantly more.
    That is the only thing giving me doubts about working up to my due date.


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  • I had to give a date so that they could have someone lined up to replace me.

    My leave is scheduled to start @ 41 weeks. They will be scrambling to fill my shifts if she comes early.

  • Yep!!  No need to waste time sitting at home waiting for the baby to come.  I might as well do something while waiting. :)

    I sit in front of the computer for the most part so it's not like I'm on my feet 100% doing any heavy lifting.

  • I'm taking the week off before my due date, in an attempt to save my sanity.  But, I'm a teacher and running after kids even now has been difficult, I can't imagine doing that over due!
  • Yep.  I'll be here till LO comes.
  • No I wouldn't work past my due date. Part of it is because I can't wait to have time off, the other part is I hate my crazy long commute.
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  • I totally would have and planned on it until I talked with my boss. She was fine with me stopping on the 18th and still staying out until the first week in January. It meant about two more weeks of not being paid and I may come to regret that later, but as of now that's the plan. Had she not been cool with that, I would be working until the bitter end.
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  • Yes.  I get six weeks of maternity leave, so I'd like all of that spent when the baby is here.  Also, I kind of have to work up until the delivery date, unless I want to use personal leave. (No, thanks!)
  • I'm working up until the Friday before my EDD. It's not fair to my boss to not know when I'll be leaving and the new person will have to start. She doesn't have the money to pay both of us at once, so it's easier on her if it's decided beforehand.

    Also with DS, I had a horrible sinus infection for the last 3 weeks of my pg and couldn't function let alone work, I couldn't even stay awake. Hopefully this doesn't happen this time, but just in case, we're both covered. 

  • image kgb1411:
    yes.  who is giving you crap about it?  I actually didn't use sick time for my leave, but I didn't want to waste any of my maternity leave on waiting for my baby.

    Mainly just other co-irkers (not the boss) and my in-laws. Personally I don't really care what they think, it's my choice it's just annoying to hear the comments replay like a broken record

  • My EDD is on a Friday so I'm just making that my last day of work. I thought about working after that if LO is still incubating, but then decided I'll spare everyone from being around me as I imagine I may be cranky. Plus, I don't want to listen to everyone make comments like "you're still here?"



  • I am working until my due date (tomorrow).  They needed to have someone come in and replace me while I'm gone, so they needed a firm stop date.  I have to say, I'm glad I'm done tomorrow.  This one week has been much harder than I thought it would be.  I probably would have agreed to work until the baby arrived if it was an option, though. 
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  • Im a server at a sports bar and I plan on working until my feet can no longer take all the running around or my water breaks. My boss said he will only schedule me on the patio incase my water breaks then they can just hose it off. LOL

    He was kidding but I thought it was clever.

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  • I will work until I deliver.  However, I watch an infant in my home 3 days a week.  I have 4 days off, and then on those 3 days, I get to rest when he rests. He's a great baby, too.
  • Aside from everyone's stupid comments it's been no big deal. My first due date was Sept 14th (that's why my ticker says I'm overdue). My docs won't let me go past Sept 26th since that's my 2nd due date. So I'll be at work all next week unless I go into labor.
  • Yep.  I'm only getting 4 days paid, and only 'allowed' to take 6 weeks so I want to spend every day I can with him.
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  • i always worked until I delivered... helps the time go by and you have an excuse if you're not giving 100%.. hee hee
  • I have a sit down job, with some filing required. I will work up until my due date, and beyond if I go over. My filing can wait, and if it's important I have very understand coworkers who would help me out right at the end if I asked. Smile
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  • indeed- i was due Tuesday & yet here i sit...at work. blah.
  •   I have to.  We can't really afford for me to take unpaid time off, and I only get 6 weeks (unpaid) for maternity leave, so I'm not wasting that before I have her.  It sucks, but there's not much else I can do!  If I get to the point where I have to set an induction date, then I'll probably plan a day or two off before.  Otherwise, I'm here 'til the bitter end!
  • I am a teacher and they have a replacement starting for me on Oct 5th, my due date, so I will stop working that day whether I have the baby or not. 
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  • I planned on it (I'm a photographer and work out of my house) but life had other plans for me.  Now I'm on bedrest and will not be able to work again for quite some time.  It sucks, but my health and DD's health is much more important thant working.

    I know a lot of people who worked until they delivered.  It's a personal choice, and if you can handle it and your health/ LO's health can handle it... go for it!

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