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what to have to eat for shower?

My bf who  is hosting my shower just called and wanted to know what to do as far as food goes.  The shower itself is at 1p.m on a Saturday.

So just wondering what you ladies have had or are having at your shower?



Re: what to have to eat for shower?

  • Some light finger food and cake.

  • We have about 50-60 people coming and are doing an Italian food buffet (it is in a hall with enough table room for everyone). I would suggest finger foods if you do not have table room for all guests as eating a meal can be messy with no table.
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  • We are doing one table of desserts and one table of snacks/appetizers. It's going to be from 2p-4p on a Saturday.
  • At 1 you should some sort of real meal. You could do anything. I've seen pulled pork, pasta, deli trays, bagels and spreads -- whatever fits into your host's budget. My shower is at a Mexican place so I think people are getting a choice of taco's and something else (maybe grilled fish?).

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  • my shower is at 12 and we are doing sandwiches, salads and dips
  • My shower is at 2 pm and we are trying to do a full meal. We have taco salad, sweetish meatballs, cakes, bread and dips, taco dip. all kinds of stuff. i think my family would be upset if i didn't have a big meal because that's what our family does. If you are only going to do finger foods and such, you might want to think about telling people that on the invite as some people expect food. Even if you put it on there though, doesn't mean people will believe it. I went to a wedding once where it was like that and people were starving because they thought that there would be food. Must not have read the fine print.... :)
  • Since it's at 1 I would maybe do deli sandwiches.  Just order a few deli trays from the supermarket, maybe have a few salads.
  • My shower is going to be at 2 pm, so we're having a desserts-only party with chocolate fondue, cake, cheesecake, etc.
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  • I had a total of 4 showers.  My first 3 were for my oldest DD (over 25 years ago) and they were all just cake and coffee/punch.  All of them were later evening (like 7 pm) except one was a Sunday afternoon (2-4) so it wasn't a meal time.  My last shower was 5 years ago and my friend had salads (chicken, pasta, potato) and rolls.  It was also evening (but 6-7).

    My DDs' shower was from 2-5 on a Saturday afternoon and there was lasagna (regular and veggie), garlic bread, large lettuce salad, and a veggie tray.  Normally at that time you don't need a "meal" but because she had so many people driving from out of state and out of town (anywhere from 1-5 hours) we felt it was necessary to FEED them before they left!  lol

  • mine was at 2pm on a Sunday....we had chicken salad croissants, tossed spinach salad, fruit, veggies, & cake
  • We are having 2 types of wings, meatballs, mac and potato salad, a lunch meat tray, veggie tray and fruit platter.  We'll also have soda, the cake and white chocolate pretzels as favors.

    The shower is in a hall from 2-6pm.

  • My shower will be in hall at the church at 3pm.  We're having fried chicken,baked mac&cheese,greens,Potato salad,fruit and veggie trays,Cheese and cracker trays,cup cakes and pink drinks for about 50ppl
  • My shower is at 2:00 PM on a Sunday.

    My mom and stepmom are hosting my shower. DH and I are both teachers, so they decided to do story book themed food.

    meatballs & rolls (cloudy with a chance of meatballs)

    assorted lunchmeat tray (sam's sandwich, soup and sandwish, or seal's silly sandwich)

    potato salad (the enormous potato or math potatos)

    shish kabob w/chunks of hard salami, chunks of cheese, green olives, and a cherry tomato "head" (the very hungry caterpillar)

    deviled egss with green yolk and ham appetizers (green eggs and ham)

    ginger snaps and pumpkin dip (the biggest pumpkin ever)

    monkey bread (curious george)

    carrot cake (the velveteen rabbit)

    chocolate chip cookies (if you give a mouse a cookie)

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  • We are having mine at a clubhouse at the nearby golf course.  So I think we have decided on a 2 pm time with some light appetizers.  I think we will be having taquitos, guacamole, salsa,  and vegetable platter.  Then of course a cake.
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  • image mmitche0:
    My shower will be in hall at the church at 3pm.  We're having fried chicken,baked mac&cheese,greens,Potato salad,fruit and veggie trays,Cheese and cracker trays,cup cakes and pink drinks for about 50ppl

    Yum, that sounds soooo good.

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