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Maybe I am being B++Chy

but I am not buying anything off her registry because I don t want to spend $50.00 or more!!!

Sorry had to tell someone!

Re: Maybe I am being B++Chy

  • Not b++chy at all.  Registries should have a full range of price options.
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  • It's not being B++chy. It's being practical. If she honestly thinks people will shell out $50+ per gift then I'd like to know what bubble she lives in. Cuz damit I want one of those bubbles...LOL jk.
  • Is this the mom-to-be you do not know?  I wouldn't spend $50 either.  Registries should have a full range of prices.  A lot of people don't buy off the registry...but at least you looked!  She is going to be very disappointed.
  • I think you can tell oodles about someone when viewing their registry...
  • I agree we had a wedding shower to go to last month and everything was 50 or more lots of stuff thats like in the 150-200 price range

  • image EastCoastBride:
    Not b++chy at all.  Registries should have a full range of price options.



  • I had to laugh when a co-worker put a $3 rack for drying bottles on her registry, but I appreciate that she recognized people are in different situations.

    Sometimes you don't have the money, and sometimes you don't know someone well enough that spending $50 is appropriate. The truth is, there are many different things that are needed for the baby. Some cost a few hundred dollars, some cost five. A registry that is focused on a new parents needs will reflect this.

  • ya that seems to be bit much.  I have a standard gift for most people.  A big bag of diapers cause they will totally need them and then sometimes I get some cute onsies and socks or a nice book to go with it.
  • it really ticked people off when my cousin put a pair of 150 baby monitors on there instead of the cheaper ones. my mom asked her why she did this and she said "well it's in case people want to go in on a gift together, they can do that." i usually don't spend over 10 for people at their showers because i can't afford it, and if you had to have many people go in on one big gift like that, that your not even going to use cause the kid was sleeping in her room, that's something else that you could have had that you missed out on. when i registered, i tried to register for the cheap things that were needed. the $17 monitors. They work just as great.
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