3rd Trimester

38 Week Appt! First Internal! OMG!

40+ weekers please dont hate me!!

 So I had my first internal today at 38wk/1day, I have been saying since last week I am scared to go because they are going to tell me im like 4cm dialated or something, and it's my boyfriends birthday today.

IM 4CM DIALATED!!! OMG!! 70% effaced, and she is at -2 station!

The dr. could not believe that I havent been having contractions, I think she was trying to decide whether to send me to the hospital or not, but she said since im not have contractions then to go home but if I start having them even 7 minutes apart for an hour to go straight to the hospital.

The baby's bag is packed, mine is half done, so now I need to do laundry cause this could happen at anytime.  As much as I want her to hold on for 2 more weeks I dont think its going to happen. 

Re: 38 Week Appt! First Internal! OMG!

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