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does it matter where you have your baby in Columbus

So, I hear Riverside has awesome rooms, but if you've given birth recently can you please weigh in on if it matters or not.  ANyone give birth at OSU med center? How do they stack up?

Re: does it matter where you have your baby in Columbus

  • Sorry, I'm a little late in the response but something to think about with OSU med center is the traffic in the area. I am not sure when you are giving birth but if it is during a football game that's something to consider and the 315 construction. I gave birth at St. Anns and the rooms were really nice. It also has free parking which I liked a LOT for guests who visit. Another thing to think about is the security and visitor policies. I wanted a hospital where guests were required to check in and not just able to come right into the maternity ward. Good luck with your search!
  • I haven't given birth yet (still a while to go for that!) but if you wanted to stick with Ohiohealth, which is what Riverside is, Dublin Methodist is an excellent, newly built hospital in Perimeter. I stayed there for a week, and it is an absolutely gorgeous hospital with very modern decor and fountains. The maternity ward is so inviting and relaxing. I recommend that you check it out if it isn't too far from you. :D
  • I had my first baby in April and I delivered at Dublin Methodist which is part of the OhioHealth network. I highly recommend it and I will definitely go back there for future pregnancies. I chose to deliver there because it was the only hospital that didn't feel like a hospital. They don't use any loud speakers or overhead paging and it was really quiet, calm and relaxing. Of course all of the nurses are amazing and they really go the extra mile. I recommend you take a tour and see if it is the right place for you.
  • I'm excited to hear your posts about the Dublin Methodist hospital!  My OB only delivers there.  It is a bit of a drive for us, but I think it will be worth it.  So exciting! 

    My sister delivered her first baby at Riverside and all was great - it did have that "hospital" feel, but I'm not sure what else you should expect. 

  • SO SO SO excited to deliver at Dublin! We just did our tour on Sunday. It's like a resort!! Definitely doesn't feel like a hospital - or smell like one either, which is a huge plus!
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  • Ask your OB where they have privileges. If you show up to a hospital where they do not have privileges, they cannot come into the hospital to deliver your baby.  I would take tours of your options and then compare on here. 
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