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Doc visit at 39 weeks/vent - no progress/narrow/sciatic pain and possible c-section

How many of you have dialated at 39 weeks? In the last couple weeks, I've had a few days of contractions and yet I've gone to the doctor and there is no progress. NONE! I've been told from both my doc and my nurse that I have a narrow pelvis. Has anyone been told that and delivered normally? I have a lot of pain from my LO sitting on my sciatic nerve and my nurse decided told me having the baby would help. I have this feeling that I'm going to end up with a c-section. I can't been induced until either the 24th or the 28th. I'm kinda at my wits end. Anyone offer suggestions? I have loved being pregnant till now.  I just want to meet her!

Re: Doc visit at 39 weeks/vent - no progress/narrow/sciatic pain and possible c-section

  • I have been told I have a narrow pelvis and I am scheduled for a c-section on October 8.  I would rather do a c-section than go throug hlabor and put him in distress and then end up with a emergency c-section.
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  • If it makes you feel any better, with both my DDs I was fingertip dilated at my 39 week exam and they were born the next day and 5 days later, respectively.  Not being dilated does not predict when you will give birth, so stay strong.  Good luck!
  • We are in similar boats. I have been 1cm since last week. Today I had my dr. strip my membranes. I have had contractions for the last 2 weeks off and on. Hoping the stripping helps. I will be induced in a week and half if not.
  • I've been a fingertip dilated since week 37. I'm hoping to get my membranes stripped on Thursday.
  • I'm due the same day as you, I haven't been for my 39 wk appt yet (I go Wednesday) but I haven't dilated at all either. I have a lot of Braxton-Hicks but my only progression seems to be effacement. I'll be interested to see where I'm at come Wednesday. My OB has told me if I don't deliver by the 21st I'm going to be induced that day which is fine with me. I have a stenosed cervix so who knows if it will dilate by itself or if it will need some help.


    As far as pain goes, I live in fairly constant achiness so I can totally relate. I've spent a great deal of time between a heating pad, a hot shower (not too hot) and tylenol when I just can't take it anymore. Best recommendation I've gotten is to stretch everyday especially when I first get up and keep changing positions.


    Good luck with the delivery, as long as the baby's doing great and you are, if your OB is willing to let you labor (and it's what you want) go for it. My friend just gave birth and she's a tiny girl (less than 100 lbs and 5'2")



  • Can I butt in?  I am a VERY small person (less than 100 lbs pre-preg. and 5'2") with a narrow pelvis.  I take after both my mom and my grandma, who had both had a c/s because their babies couldn't fit through.  I walked into the hospital for my induction due to pre-e at 38 weeks 2 days pretty damn sure I'd end up with a c/s too.

    Well, 36 hours later, I delivered my DD vaginally.  I came in at 1 cm dialated, didn't get to 3 cm till 18.5 hours later, and didn't change again till 13.5 hours later I was at an 8. One more hour to 10, then I pushed for 3 hours.  It was a lot of work. 

    At no point did I think I would pull it off.  But somehow, my Drs. and nurses saw me through.  I'm sure they were mentally prepping for the OR too.  Not once, though, did they mention that to me.  And in retrospect, I am so happy with how it all went.

    Anyways, I just wanted to offer you a success story.  I hope this helps calm your fear of it being "impossible", and I wish you all the best!  

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  • Ahh, Im sorry! :::PROGRESS DUST::: I hope she comes soon. Im sure you are so ready!
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  • I'm in the same boat.  Went this morning to the doctor- still closed, no dialation.  He said that I'm "starting to soften."  I know that things can happen overnight, but it's disappointing to be sitting on the table hearing that all the things you've convinced yourself are happenning down there actually aren't.  I'm praying for one of those "oh my gosh...I just got up to pee and my water broke!" moments, but I'm nervous that things aren't progressing because there's something going on that isn't going to work for a vagina delivery.  Hang in there!
  • I have had no progress as well. I have had some random pains but not contractions and no mucus plus. Hoping something starts happening soon...

     If nothing happens, they will wait until Sept 26 and then induce me. No one has said I have a narrow pelvis though.

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