3rd Trimester

I should wash my new crib bedding, right?

I probably should, but I am feeling lazy today.

Re: I should wash my new crib bedding, right?

  • Yeah... but no need to be in a rush.  As long as it's done before you put LO in it, you are good.  If you do it too early, it'll just get dusty.
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  • Haha I love how ur siggy pic goes so well with your post.  Cute.  I haven't washed mine YET since my mother said that its brand new from the package, but I look at it everyday and it just gives me this urge to clean it.  I might just give in.  At least just the matress and quilt.  Oh and I really want to iron the skirt, its annoying me how wrinkled it is. (OCD much?)
  • My mom thought I was a freak because I washed all of baby girl's clothes and bedding already. But, I worked overnights stocking in retail and know first hand a lot of the chemicals that are in the clothing when you first buy them, especially if they're made out of the country. One of the biggest problems - formaldahyde (sp?). Yeah - that would be the stuff that they embalm dead bodies with. So, in my opinion, yes honey, you need to wash the bedding...  :)   Was that enough of a lecture for you?  :P  But if you aren't due for awhile, you can be lazy...
  • I'm going to. It has that really new smell, and with my bloodhound nose its really strong.
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  • i plan on washing my new crib bedding shortly before LO arrives. :)
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