3rd Trimester

Discharge (TMI)

Ok let me just start out by saying I do have an appt. tomorrow and will be asking then but just curious. 

I have noticed tonight that when I wipe the TP is yellow.  I have started noticing some jelly type discharge and has quite an odor.  Anybody have any idea what this could be?


Re: Discharge (TMI)

  • Sounds like a yeast infection. I thought that's what I had, but mine happened to be bacterial infection. Good thing you are having it checked out. Hope all is well.
  • I have heard that a mucous plug can be blood tinged, but I'm not sure about yellow.  I've always heard that if it's yellow and has an odor, you could have an infection.  It might be a good idea to call the office tomorrow to mention it so they can block off more time in case they have to give you an exam.  Good luck!
  • Sounds like a yeast infection you may not have noticed. It's yellow because the yeast is old. I have this and have to use a pad. My OB recommended Dyflucan to get rid of it. It's an oral medication, but I read it was unsafe during pregnancy so I skipped the second offering. But where a pad if your undies start to suffer, and ask your doc tomorrow
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