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Due Tomorrow...No signs of labor (vent)

I'm due tomorrow, which happens to be my next OB visit.  For the last few weeks I have had no progress and my cervix hadn't even turned out or down (idk...whatever it's supposed to do).  I am hoping for some good news tomorrow or I am going to refuse to get up off the exam table!  I thought for sure that I would have "dropped" by now or lost my MP...but nothing!  And as if my and DH anxiety isn't enough, I've been getting countless calls, texts, emails, and facebook wall comments asking if I've had the baby yet.  I haven't slept a whole night for weeks and it pisses me off to see DH sleeping peacefully during the night while I make trip after trip to the bathroom to pee with hopes of wiping away something that resembles a MP.  I'm sure I should be enjoying this calm before the storm...but I honestly can't relax long enough to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Oh about that "nesting" phase, it skipped my house...unless allowing my family come over and clean my house from top to bottom counts ;-) because I surely didn't have the urge to lift a finger!  I'd be bored out my mind AND sitting in a mess of a house if it weren't for my loving family.

Re: Due Tomorrow...No signs of labor (vent)

  • I am right there with you!! Due tomorrow and no progress. I have been stuck at 1cm 30% since 37w. Everyone has asked me about nesting too and ultimately, I would choose not to scrub our floors or do crazy cleaning even if I wasnt pregnant. HA! 

    It is just a hurry up and wait game now. I do the same thing, every time I get up to go to the bathroom I have hope maybe there will be more or if I have one contraction and then another one 20 minutes later I hope for more...but then nothing and I am back asleep.

    My next appointment is Tuesday. I hope yours goes well tomorrow and that they give you some good news!  

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  • I can totally relate.  I haven't lost a mp, haven't been dilated AT all, even enough for my doctor to strip my membranes, and both my mother and MIL call every single day.  I don't even answer my phone anymore.  The only part of the 40 week appointment that made me feel hopeful was scheduling an induction date a week from today.  I hope you have some progress!
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  • I too can feel your pain.  I also had an appt on our due date and was actually having timeable but not contractions.  I thought she was going to be right on time!  Turned out I am almost 100% effaced, not dilated at all.  I did lose two pieces of my MP the morning of my due date.  Hang in there.  It requires some patience but it'll be worth it in the end.  I just keep telling myself that!
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  • Try hard to find your patience.  I'm over a week late and if I hadn't found ways to relax, I'd be crazy by now.  Don't answer the phone - send group emails to update (and that includes mothers and mothers in law).  That's one thing that has helped.


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  • That really sucks. I'm tired of this pregnancy thing already and I'm not even close to being done yet.

    I think if LO is overdue I'm gonna go crazy.

    I hope all your LO's come soon!!

  • I'm due tomorrow too with NO progress... with anything :)  My next appt isnt til Wednesday though so if I am still pregnant, I hope they plan something! Hang in there, we are almost finished!  At least we know there IS an end in sight.
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  • I have to giggle at the topic of your post combined with your username.

    Turn off your ringer and try to relax. It will happen when it is supposed to. 

  • My God, are you writing from inside my brain, because this is EXACTLY how I feel and what I'm going through. DH has had more nesting insticts (I'll assume that's what they are) than me. And I do the whole 'checking the toilet' thing too. Actually I have moments when I try not to look by not turning on the light and hoping that I "missed" it.

    Join the club my dear, we were born without MP's and are birds that don't nest.

  • Awe..you're definitely in my prayers!  Just remember that it's in HIS time.  No worries.  Please let me know if you need anything.  I'm mobile and can get to you sooner than you think! LOL...

    After venting yesterday about being due today and no signs of labor here's what happened

    I apparently "dropped" at some point during the course of the day and my MIL pointed it out.  And then before going to bed last night, I lost two pieces of my MP...yay! 

    So you're thinking what I'm thinking right?!...progress and that my OB visit today shoud be a good one right...NOT...got a call this morning that they needed to reschedule my visit because the doctor had and accident and will likely be out for a few weeks.  I sure hope she's okay because she and one other doc are the only docs that I like and feel comfortable seeing at the practice.

     The good and bad of it all is that LO is definitely on the way and there's a 50% chance that the doc that makes me uncomfortable will deliver...so glad I'm going to meet my little Nugget soon :-) the perfect ending to this experience.

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