3rd Trimester

GBS+ = No Membrane Strippage...

...She would have done it today, but because I'm Group B Strep positive, she didn't want to risk infection. Upside: If baby girl doesn't make her entrance by next Friday, I'm getting induced. Yay! There's a light at the end of the tunnel...uh...no...pun...intended?

Re: GBS+ = No Membrane Strippage...

  • Mine had no problems stripping me (with Gabe- I was GBS+)- but, not until I was overdue. :-p

    Sorry- but, yay! It's so nice to know that there's an end (and beginning!) in sight, isn't it? We just got our repeat c-section scheduled, and am.so.glad. I was starting to really worry about getting stuck with a bad date or a crappy time (like 5PM or something- you have to fast for 12 hours pre-op- much easier overnight ;).


  • I'm sure that if I was overdue, she would have done it. It's kind of nice though, knowing an end is in sight. And I'm sure that we had it scheduled for a couple of reasons. 1: She'll be on-duty/on-call at the hospital that day 2: If she's on-call, she'll also to my tubal ligation while I'm in the hospital. 3: She scheduled for 10 in the morning, and since it's just an induction, not a c-section, I get to eat breakfast!

  • My OB did it with #2 exactly because I was GBS+.  I had a super fast labor with #1 and we were hoping it would jump start labor while I was already at the hospital (OB's office was in the hospital).  It worked and I was able to immediately start the antibiotics. 
  • Wait...if you're GBS+ then OB's generally won't strip until you're overdue?
  • I'm GBS+ and being stripped today at 38 weeks.
  • Okay, so I should have premised that post with the fact that I had a MAJOR Strep A blood infection when I found out I was pregnant with her...so I think because of my history and because my pregnancy was semi-high risk

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