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Hosts do give you a gift right?

Hello Ladies,

Does or is your host(s) supposed to give you a gift in addition to your shower? I went to a shower a while ago and the host gave a gift. I just did not want to seem greedy. I am giving them gifts so I was wondering...Huh?

Re: Hosts do give you a gift right?

  • yes . I hosted my sil shower and my dh and I also got her a gift, and at my bridal shower my host got me a gift, I dont think they are "suppose to " but as far as I know they do.
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  • When I host, I always give a gift. 
    When I've been the guest of honor, I've always received a gift from the hostess.
    I don't know if this is common practice, but I would assume so.

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  • Hosts may choose to give you a gift, or you can consider the massive expense and trouble of hosting a party for your family and friends a gift (which it is - a huge one, even if the food is just cheese, crackers, and cake).

    You give the host a small gift as a thank you for being so kind and hosting the party. It is not supposed to be something that they now still must give you even more, just b/c you were thoughtful.

  • Hell no.

    The hundreds of dollars and ridiculous amount of time it takes to conjur up a decent shower is gift enough IMO. And if the guest of honor is sour as a result so be it.

  • Eeek... I personally think it's not something expected, that's for sure. My mom and MIL are throwing me a shower together and I couldn't imagine them not getting stuff for the baby.... but I'm absolutley not expecting a "gift" from them at the shower or anything.  ...don't think they got us anything for our wedding shower..OH, except paid for the wedding! lol!
  • My mom has hosted many many bridal/baby showers for my cousins and given them gifts. However, when my aunt hosted mine she did not.  I didn't care, but I didn't expect her to do so.
  • I would say, yes most shower hosts do a give a gift. If a hosts opted out of giving one I think that might be understandable, particularly for a large or expensive shower. 

    My mom (who is host) bought something small-ish and asked if I wanted something else as well but I told her hosting the shower was a plenty big gift.

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  • The shower itself is a gift.  That being said, I've hosted several (baby and bridal) and always got the guest of honor a gift as well.
  • I am  hosting a shower for a friend and I am getting her a gift.. the friend who had the shower for me gave me a gift as well.
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