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weight loss plans after baby

The weight posts below has me thinking, what do you plan on doing to help lose the baby weight?

Re: weight loss plans after baby

  • DH bought me the WII fit for Mothers Day this year and I haven't been able to use it since I am high risk and can't work out so I plan on doing that as soon as I get the green light from the doctor that I can exercise again after the baby comes. Once I get back to work I have a free gym in my building so during my lunch hour I will go work out. Plus getting back to eating healthier (less sweets) will help!
  • I am going to lose the weight by myself.  I lost 40 pounds four years ago and was able to keep it off all that time.  Just watching what I eat and exercising.  Big Smile
  • WW and running.  Those are my go-to weight loss tools :)
  • Hahah, well seeing as Thanksgiving and Christmas are shortly after the baby is born I guess i'll try and eat good most of the time and excercise and really worry about it come January :)
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  • I'm going to try and walk with baby when I can!

    Then once I'm cleared to workout I'm going to start doing my 30 day shred dvd's again! I LOVED them before and it made me feel so toned! I can't wait to start them again!

    I'm debating going to WW though! Well see...

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  • Breastfeeding, jogging at least 3 times a week with DS in the stroller and doing a postnatal baby and me workout DVD 4 times a week. Basically what I'm doing now just bumped up a bit and adding BF. Also, I'm hoping my cookie monster side will subside after he gets here. With that gone alone I should be back to normal weight fast *knocks on wood*
  • I have fantasies of running on the treadmill whilst my child snoozes peacefully in her swing.


    you may commence laughing at me now! Stick out tongue

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  • I am going to walk until I am cleared to jog and run.  (My plan is to walk one mile 7 days a week, adding an extra mile each week until cleared to run.  Then my DH and I will walk everyday with LO, probably about 2 miles after I can run.)  Once I can jog/run, I will run one mile 3 days per week (adding a half a mile each week) and do a sprint/walk called 30/60s (you sprint for 30 seconds and walk for 60 seconds) for 30 minutes 3 days a week.  I also plan on doing strength training (including sit ups and push ups everyday).  I will also be working with a personal trainer after LO is 6 weeks and can go to the gym nursery.  (I am in the Army so this makes sense).  

    My DH and I are also going to start eating more fruits and vegetables, eating less sweets, cutting out soda unless we are out for dinner (once every two weeks or so).  We are not going to count calories, just eat healthier choices (wheat bread over white bread, herbs instead of salt, low sugar alternatives, etc). 

    I am also hoping that since I plan on breastfeeding this helps me lose the weight.  My goal is to not only lose the baby weight, but get back down to my post-Army basic training weight and size.  So baby weight plus 2 dress sizes.  I am not worried about the pounds as much as the physical fitness and size of my pants.  

  • I have a gym membership that I have not been able to use for a while according to my drs orders. I have put it on hold until after the girls come. When they arrive and I am released to work out again I will be going back to the gym to do the classes I did prior to the pregnancy.  I was also working out with a personal trainer prior to getting pregnant and may work out with her a couple of times a week.  Just plan on getting back to the gym and getting my routine going again.  Also, probobly walking with the boys to school each morning. 


  • image Pennylane824:
    Hahah, well seeing as Thanksgiving and Christmas are shortly after the baby is born I guess i'll try and eat good most of the time and excercise and really worry about it come January :)

    Ha ha this! Oh and walking a good bit around my neighborhood with the baby and my poochy.

  • I am probably going to go back to WW after the new year, cause really starting around the holidays is always bad for me! But as soon as I am cleared to I am going to the gym again, I miss it! I never thought I would say that I miss the gym but I do!!
  • walking at least 4x a week with LO and breastfeeding.

    I hope to start back up with my hip-hop class in the spring (I had to stop around 5 months). I'd also love to find a Mommy and Me swim class. 

  • We have an elliptical machine in our basement that I love. As soon as I get the all clear from my doctor, I plan on using it daily.
  • I am going to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas and worry about loosing weight after that.  
  • DH is a little overweight and due to medical reasons he hasn't been able to workout. He'll be getting the go ahead soon though and so we'll both be on the same path to lose weight. I've managed to stay active throughout the pregnancy so my hope is to just start kicking it up a few notches as soon as I'm able. I'll start with walking then step it up to running/weights/pilates/kickboxing/hiking. I have to mix it up so I don't get bored. And DH will be a huge help so we'll make sure each of us has a little time each day to workout (and hopefully do a lot as a family too!).



  • I have a gym membership that I haven't been using, so that plus yoga (which I stopped a few months ago...and never should have).  Eat better...I've done WW in the past and lost 50 lbs, so if need be I'll be joining again.
  • Walking with LO in the jogging stroller until we get the OK to do more intense stuff (running, etc).

    I have some Post Natal Boot Camp DVD's, and then some kickboxing DVD's I'll graduate to once I find my kickboxing gloves and get a bag for the basement. Eventually I hope to sneak back to the gym to do some weights.

    I already told DH we are going to be the clean eating household once all this starts! Thankfully he's good with that.

    Good plan in theory, huh? LOL!

    I'm studying for my personal trainer certification so I really need to do this so I can get a job!  That's some motivation.

  • i love working out and setting new goals. after ds i ran my first marathon, the nyc marathon (6months post) and it was amazing!! this time, i am running vegas marathon 3months post and doing a half ironman 9months post.

    i need things to motivate me and look ahead to =) 

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  • Joining a local gym and get back into jogging again.  Nothing drastic... just gotta get pack into my pre-preg routine!
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  • I figure since the baby is due mid November I'll give myself until after Christmas to recoup. After that I'm going to eat healthy and head to the gym. I want my abs back!!
  • Soccer and using the kickass jogging stoller i will get at shower! ..I can't wait to play soccer again.
  • Weight Watchers and BF....after Thanksgiving of course :)
  • I lost 50 pounds about four years ago and kept it off, so I'm not too worried about it. I've done it once, I can do it again. I'll just watch what I eat and return to my pre-pregnancy work out routine.
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  • Plan A is to just run after 5 kids and hope it falls off like it did with the last pregnancy, but if not....then Plan B is to hit the Elliptical 4-5 days/wk & remove the fork from my mouth.



  • Jenny Craig.  The reality of a newborn and no real schedule or time to make my own food does not lend itself to a structured eating pattern.  This is perfect. 
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