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~November Ninjas Wednesday Check In~

Wanna be added? New here? This is a group for women expecting to have their baby in November. If you would like to join our group, please email me your information! My email address is holleich@aol.com. Please include your screen name, name, age and estimated due date, and gender if you know it.


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In the interest of shorter posts, I have made the November Mommies Due Date list a link! Please click on the link below to see the Due Date List.



QOTD - If you know it, have you emailed me your babies gender (holleich@aol.com, please include DUE DATE, screen name, and gender)?

What is annoying you lately, pregnancy related or not?

Me (Holly) - My dog has this toy that we fill with peanut butter when we leave (she has some separation anxiety,and this helps). Well, once we get home and settled she likes to try to get the peanut butter she missed out of so called toy. Her tongue is not quite long enough so she just slurps and licks and licks and licks (makes a big mess cause she is also salivating). Ahhh, it drives me bonkers! I know it is a silly pet peeve, but I usually end up getting up and getting a spoon and scooping the peanut butter out for her to lick off the spoon.
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Re: ~November Ninjas Wednesday Check In~

  • People in general. From pregnancy comments/judgements to general stupidity on the roads, people are getting on my nerves!!

    I just want to quit my job and stay home under the blankies all day!!

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  • This excruciating pelvic pain that I get every morning!
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  • image luvbrettnizzy:

    What is annoying you lately, pregnancy related or not?

    Everything!  We're moving on Friday and I am so stressed about it that I'm just becoming cranky in general.  And I'm particularly finding work annoying these days.  I hope that, once we're in the new place and I can concentrate on setting up the nursery, etc. I will be back to my old self.  Fingers crossed!

  • Work, my inlaws, outgrowing some of my maternity tops, not being able to drink, not feeling cute AT ALL anymore, not having enough FarmVille neighbors to expand my farm, health insurance... Thats all I can come up with off the top of my head. But hey, 8 weeks left!
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  • Peeing all the time...especially at night (multiple times)!!!!
  • My infamous co-irker. I thought him being gone all last week would have made me able to tolerate him this week, but I was wrong. He's barely been up to talk to me (thank goodness), but even that little contact makes me cringe.

    Pregnancy related, ummm, probably not being able to get comfortable enough to sleep for a long period of time, although last night and the night before were better than the few days before that.

  • Oh and my shirt today. Its a button down shirt and I saw when I put it on that it was pulling across my chest, but I thought I could make it work. Well after fighting with it at work for about 15 min I decided to undo the top button since I have a tank underneath. Well that proved to put too much stress on the second button so I had to undo that one too and now i'm worried about my tank falling down too low and my shirts just aren't staying where they're supposed to so I'm adjusting them every two seconds. I'm changing when I go home over lunch.
  • laundry.  I never had a problem doing it til lately..now I just HATE IT.
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  • What is annoying you lately, pregnancy related or not?
     Hmmmm...I just want time to speed up. I feel like the last few weeks have gone by soooooo slow. I'm so ready to meet our LO and I feel like the next 10 weeks are going to go by slow as well. 
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  • I'm annoyed by the fact that I can't move around so well or quickly these days.  I am one of those people who up til now always moved around at a good clip, with purpose.  Now I am moving much slower and can't bend very well either.  We are moving out office next friday and packing is a b!tch.  I'm not even sure I'll be able to unpack at this point!  I've been having crazy braxton hicks the past couple of days too.  I'm just plain irritable these days and DH is getting pretty sick of it!
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  • I'm just starting to feel impatient, like this will be the longest stretch of pregnancy.

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  • Everything lately it seems lol...my patience is almost non-existent now. 
  • I hate to admit this, but for the last 2 weeks or so it has been my mom! She has just felt the need to criticize everything and just be generally difficult. Last night she had me in tears because she called just to tell me that my 5 year old is going to have ulcers because she has to go for visitation at her bio dad's and remind me that she stayed married to my bio dad for 19 miserable years so that she would never have to send us away for the weekend.  As if I don't do a good enough job giving myself a guilt trip. Thanks mom.
  • What is annoying you lately, pregnancy related or not?

    Back pain and rib pain. Also, the first part of the 3rd tri seems so slow. It seems like these next 9 weeks will last forever. Not close enough to the end to be excited about delivery yet.

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  • What is annoying you lately, pregnancy related or not?

    This one friend of mine who I used to get along with, but now I cant stand to listen to her complain.  I think that she has always complained that much, but its just gettting to me lately.

  • The other managers at work.  I realize that since they're all men, they don't have the first idea what its like to be pregnant, but c'mon!  Anytime I ask them to cover for me while I run to the restroom, need a box lifted or anything else, you'd think it was this big massive deal.  Whatever.  Only 10 more weeks until maternity leave starts...
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  • I think I'm annoying myself.  I get irrationally annoyed by other drivers, people in malls, the ladies at Motherhood Maternity, my coworkers, etc then I beat myself up about getting so worked up by other people. 

    I'm also annoyed that just when I get a strong nesting urge and want to zoom around the house and clean and straighten, I get these crazy braxton hicks and sharp pains in my back that stop me in my tracks.  Totally sucks.

  • My DH and my in-laws. I am sooo ready to have my nursery set up. I know I have 12 more weeks but nesting has set in. My MIL sent me pics of some really nice cribs on sale last week while she was in chicago. I told her I had the money to refund the cost of bringing me one. She didn't get it because she says she didn't think I wanted it. WTF!

    To DH getting ready for the baby just isn't a priority.

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  • Basically everything. The better Q is what's NOT annoying me.
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  • General clothes issues- none of the tops fit me any more and I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes- yes I am still in denial. Sciatica, crazy charlie horses at night.. peeing at all hours of the night. Not being able to do normal stuff in general even though that has a a plus side to it :-) But I wouldn't trade it for the world I can't wait to meet my baby!

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  • People drinking and having fun around me. Between the 4 weddings this summer, 4th of July and Labor Day BBQ's and 50th b-day parties, I feel like I am the one who is always sitting on the sideline and driving drunk people home. It didn't bother me at first, but I think I am reaching my threshold. After this past weekend, DH has agreed to not drink anything since I am always left sipping water by myself.

    Also, people telling me I have "tons of time left" until my due date. I'm not sure if this is meant to make me feel good. 

  • All questions pregnancy related have been driving me bonkers.  I thought wedding planning questions were awful... pregnancy questions are much, much worse.  I can't touch my stomach without someone asking if the babe is moving.  Every time I come into the office someone has to ask how I'm feeling.  I'm here at work aren't I?  Or when they ask when I'm due and after I tell them they say I still have a ways to go.  A ways to go?  TWO MONTHS!  I'm more than half way done.  Thanksgiving is going to be here in no time!

    Bleh... Thanks for letting me vent.

  • So I made the mistake the other day of checking out my butt/thigh area in the mirror after a shower. OMG stretch marks the only freaking stretch marks I have on my body, Im devastated. I am bursting out of all my maternitity pants and refuse to buy more. I cannot wait to have my baby boy and get this big booty in the gym asap.

     Im so freaking sick of my co-workers rubbing my belly and telling me how "big" I am or that I have "dropped". I also am sick of people asking me how I'm feeling, Im fine do I look like crap or what? Um Im also sick of people starring at me, a man at the grocery store was totally starring hardcore at me I finally asked him if he needed something.

    Ok rant over thanks!

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  • I feel as though a lot annoys me these days. My in laws, aches and pain caused by pregnancy, heartburn and people asking stupid questions. The thing that has been the most annoying this week is people will ask me how far along I am and when I tell them they say "oh so you still have a long time." I don't know about anybody else but 11 weeks doesn't seem very long to me.

  • The list is rapidly growing...1. my DH's car broke down last week...he refuses to see if it's fixable, and instead insists he is going to buy a new car. Dude...we close on a house next week, are having a baby in a few months, and you want to add a car payment to that?!?! GRR! He refuses to see reality...or even consider that we may not be able to afford for him to get another car right now. 2. a wonderful co-irker who doesn't like me because I excel in our job and she only gives 10% and gets in trouble for not doing what she should every day. 3. people who come in to work sick as a dog...and proceed to cough and sneeze on everyone and everything. 4. the fact that money doesn't grow on trees. 4. not getting any help from the DH around the house when we have to pack and move out starting next Friday. I want as little to do by then as possible.

     Enough for now... :P

  • Having to pee every 10 min...I hate that I have no bladder control anymore.
  • I am glad that I am not the only one who is being annoyed at multiple things.

    First of all, this weather is driving me crazy. I can be cold one minute and then sweating like crazy the next! Then my MIL, who is complaining about EVERYTHING and my FIL who keeps on telling me that we need to stay in Brooklyn and that Brooklyn is the best place on earth. (We are planning on moving to Jersey as soon as we'll find a house) Then my mom who is way too obsesed about my baby shower and thinks that I need to know everything about it at this point. She volunteered to co-host it with my best friend and thinks that my best friend needs to be running around this week and next to get everything set because for some odd reason now my mom thinks that she is not co-hosting it and that she is just a guest.

    Plus I really want the time to start moving. DH left for his vacation and his phone is not getting a signal and I hated that before I got pregnant, now it just drives me crazy!!

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  • The pregnancy comments are getting really old.  Yes, I am due in November, yes, really November, there is only one baby in there, I am having a boy, no this isn't my first, I am working up till the end, and yes I am excited.  I just feel like putting all of that on an index card just so I don't have to answer everywhere I go.
  • My neighbors. I seriously have to hold off just knocking on their door and beating the crap out of them.
  • These hormonal mood swings that have me in tears in nothing flat!!! I get upset over stuff I would have never been upset about before, and not just upset but seriously bawling!
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