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Centerpiece and Favor ideas

Hello ladies,

I need some help. Can anyone give me ideas for centerpieces and favors? I'm looking for something inexpensive, but that will be liked by both men and women. (We're having a co-ed baby shower). I've seen the dessert theme centerpiece, which was really nice. We don't know if we're having a boy or girl because my husband and I want it to be a surprise. Any ideas would be great.


Re: Centerpiece and Favor ideas

  • We aren't really having a theme shower so we are just doing flowers for the center pieces in the colors (lime green/torquoise) and the favors are star sugar cookies from a local bakery.
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  • We were going to do flowers as well. I like the idea of the sugar cookies for favors. By the way, I'm exactly a week ahead of you. =D
  • I plan to do chocolate dipped Oreos as favors for a shower I am hosting in November.  I will drizzle pink or blue tinted chocolate over the top.

    As far as centerpieces go, I guess most of the showers I attend don't have these.  Maybe the cake would be considered the centerpiece?  The cakes are usually tiered, so they have some height to them.

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  • We aren't doing a cake. We're doing a couple different flavors of cupcakes, We've found that people don't tend to bother if its a whole cake, at least in our circles. Plus my mom and aunt are doing all the food and cupcakes. it's a lot cheaper,too.

    ladybug: when is your shower? Ours is 10/11

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  • The star sugar cookies are a really cute idea for favors.  Maybe you can find something to do with stars that can be used as centerpieces.  Check out Oriental Trading.  If you are creative you can make star cookies on a stick and push them into styrefoam balls that are in a bowl on the table covered with fresh flowers.  I'd wrap the cookies in cellophane bags though.  You can make pink and blue and put ribbons in matching or opposite colors.
  • For our favors we are doing monogrammed sugar cookies, and a sugar scrub.

    For can do anything! If your having individul tables set up you could do flowers, diaper cakes, or even make mini baby shower cakes or cupcakes in the center of each table. I've seen adorable centerpieces where they color the water blue in a clear bowl and float rubber ducky's. The possibilites or endless. I suggest picking a shower theme (even if it is just a color scheme...),searching the internet for ideas, and maybe even taking a trip to a local craft store for inspiration.

  • We are stealing an idea from another shower I attendend for centerpieces. We are borrowing some doll stands and since I know I am having a girl, dressing the stand with cute little girl outfits.  I have also seen this done for a boy as well. It was adorable and you get some extra outfits. Since you don't know what you are going to have, the outfits could just be gender neutral.
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