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2 month shots on Thursday

And I'm freaking out.  I've heard horror stories about the 2 month shots.  Give me some advice and positive reinforcement!  THANKS!  GO!!

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Re: 2 month shots on Thursday

  • DS got his last week.  Screamed for about 30 seconds while getting them.  Then pursed his lips in the Ooo face and stared out the window.  Guy was a champ and mind you, sick with a cold at the time.  Didn't run a fever from them or anything.  His legs were sore though so had to be careful and the warm bath helped a lot with that.  DD's experience was about the same although I think she cried for about 30 seconds longer.  I think it's the 4 mos shots where the fever tends to spike -- at least that is how it was for DD.

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  • I can't help you, we have ours on Friday. We're doing the Dr. Sear's alternative schedule though, so I doubt it will be as bad as the traditional since he's only getting two.?

    But I guess you can always put your faith in history (millions of babies have had them and done fine) and Tylenol. That's what I plan to do! ?

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  • Older DD whimpered, and I cried.  I cried when she got all of them.  I cried when LO got her first HepB shot when she was a week old.  I cried when DD got her shots for school this  She's 6 and she was telling the doctor "I am so brave, you can give me those shots!"  Then she saw the needles.  I had to hold her arms.  It was horrible.

    Older DD got a fever with the 4 month shots, but not the 2 months.  With LO we are going to alternate them.,

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  • I know its not what you want to hear, but I cried so much at my sons 2 month shots.  He is just such a good baby, and to sit there and see him in pain was horrible.  But he was fine within just a few mintues, and he never ran a fever aor acted like he was hurting later that day, he did sleep alot but they told me he would be doing that.  I got back in a few weeks for the second round at 4 months...not looking forward to it!  Honestly though, it will probably upset you more than your child, it did me!
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