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If ONE more person...

If one more person tells me how "awful" or "funny" it would be for our LO to be born on September 11th I am going to scream!!!!!

For whatever reason I don't see this as being a big deal but apparantly others do.  Has anyone else dealt with this? 

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Re: If ONE more person...

  • That day needs some joy in it, IMO.

    Your child's birth doesn't take away from the tragedy that is ingrained in all of us for the rest of our lives. & that tragedy shouldn't take away from the joy that is a child.


    Dude, I still cry every. single. year. on September 11th. ?But I'd love to have something to really smile about on that day.

  • Actually nobody has said that to me. While I prefer her not to be born 9-11, it really dos not matter. I dont see the big deal.
  • My grandmother's B-day is Dec. 7th. She seems to be ok.
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  • I think its kinda like the whole thing where people dont want you to have your LO on the day some family member died.  But its like there is a death, a tragedy that is now made better from a birth and a new life.  That's how I look at it.

    My grandma told my cousin she couldnt have her baby on Aug 15th cause that was a) my dads birthday and b) the day my uncle died and that was just horrible.  She had her the 13th so it was okay for my grandma, but it wouldve been okay either way. 

  • YES!  I thought I would be ok since I was due 4 days ago but now I am kinda afraid the dr will induce later in the week which would be that day.  I am more against that day because I think it was my FIL's mom's b-day.  My husband's dad has made negative comments about our baby being a girl and I have issues with all that.  So where normally, I wouldn't care, I don;t think the FIL deserves this.

     I said something to my Dr. about not waiting to be induced on September 11 and he told me it was no different than being induced on Pearl Harbor Day.  I told him that the think that bothers me is that tragedy is defined by the date, not the place.  Then he kinda agreed.  In the end I am so uncomfortable, I don;t care.  I just hope it is sooner than Sept 11th!  September 7 or 8th sounds good to me!

  • image DiscusCoach:
    My grandmother's B-day is Dec. 7th. She seems to be ok.

    I had an exboyfriend born on Dec. 7th.  He was fine with it.  Only a few ppl made the Pearl Harbor connection.

  • Some people have constant foot in mouth syndrome.  Why they think that those kind of comments are funny or interesting is beyond me.
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  • The only reason I wouldn't want him to be born on that day is b/c every time I told someone his DOB they'd say, "Oh, a Sept. 11th baby!" Blah blah. It just would get old. Like my daughter's bday is April 15th and everyone says, "Oh, a tax day baby!" I'm like uh yeah I know.... As for the connection, I don't see a problem with it. I too think it'd bring a little joy on that day.
  •   It's DH's b-day.  It's not too big a deal.  People always think they're original when they make comments, but meh...
  • I am kind of dealing with this in a different way. They want to induce on the 10th and I would prefer not to if baby is okay because of this. Granted if he came naturally on that day, whatev, but if I am going to be picking a designer date I would prefer to try out something else.
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