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If you attended a breastfeeding class, did DH come?

He's been to the birthing class and the tour/info class but I'm on the fence about dragging him to the 3 hour breastfeeding class at the hospital tomorrow night.
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Re: If you attended a breastfeeding class, did DH come?

  • I haven't gone to one yet, but ours is next week and he will be coming.  I asked at the hospital tour and the woman said that husbands were encouraged to come.  She also said the last class she went to, only 2 husbands weren't there.  I told him I wouldn't be one of the 2! 

    On an unrelated note, the description of the class said there would be hands-on practice... what do you think that could mean?

  • Yes. The instructor talked about what role DH could play while I was breastfeeding so he didn't feel 'left out' and had bonding time with the baby. It also stressed benefits of breastfeeding, so DH understood better why I wanted to do it.
  • Im bringing my DH.  Figured 2 sets of ears are better than one if I get frustrated later on.  Plus, I want him to understand the ins & outs & how hard it is so he understands what I am going through!
  • Yes, my DH came. It was important to me that he know what breastfeeding was about and how to be supportive.

    I've heard other women say that when they showed up, about 98% of the women in the class had their SO with them.

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  • Dh came to ours and he learned quite a bit, it was very helpful to have him there!
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  • He was busy that night or he would have.  About half the class had their spouses with them.  It would have been nice but not a big deal at all that he wasn't there.  He has a short attention span and I think it would have been hard for him to focus on something that he isn't going to physically have to do.  He's got enough on his mind.
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  • I went and at the last minute I told DH to stay home. There were 9 couples and 3 singles, so he won't be the only guy.  I didn't think the infomation was useful for him. Plus, they gave a information book with the powerpoint to go with it and if need be, he can go over that. He won't miss much.
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  • Yes, he came and most husbands did.  They did talk quite a bit about how hubby can support mom while she's doing a really challenging job

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  • DH is going but isn't super excited.  He scared of other women's boobies...and that better stay that way the rest of his life! haha

      My best friend went to the same one we're going to.  She said every woman there had either a husband, boyfriend, or "helper" with them.  Like the PP, two sets of ears are better than one IMO.

  • Yes- and everyone else but one woman had a partner with them.
  • My husband went with me.  He wasn't thrilled but didn't complain.  I wanted him there because I know how I am if I get frustrated.  If BF is difficult in the beginning I thought he would be there for me to help me remember the things we learned in class and just be supportive.  There were about 12 women in the class we took and about 8 of them had their husbands there.
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  • We haven't taken our classes yet but I hope he comes. I don't see why he wouldn't go. I just asked him which resulted in him asking me "do i get a sample?" "Do I get to see boobs?" "What's my roll? am I a stand in for the baby?" after I laughed I said so would you go? He said yeah why wouldn't I? So I guess he's going! By his responses I'm sure you can see he's very strange, but i love him! 
  • I wanted him to but he refused/thinking he would be the only guy there....actually I was in the minority being there w/o my hubby
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  • I would bring him.  While you are the one physically breastfeeding your child, that doesn't meant that DH will not be involved. 
  • DH came to mine.  I think most of the other husbands were there as well.  It really helped me out because he coached me the first few days.  What I forgot, he remembered.  Plus it's really easy to feel alone and overwhelmed when BFing...it helps to have a teamate.

    I'm glad he heard all the same information because I certainly wouldn't have had a prayer of getting him to READ all that info Smile

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  • I posted the same question about a month ago, and decided to ask DH to come, even though it was in the middle of his favorite football team's game.  He ended up learning a lot and was very glad he went, despite the fact that he got very squirmy once game time actually started.  LOL.
  • My DH was planning on going but then he missed the first class because of work, and I think there was only one husband there out of quite a few people.  I dont' think DH would have benefited much. 
  • Yes, and all the other women but one had their DHs there too. It was good info for him and made him more supportive I think.
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  • Mine is next week and DH will be working so I will be going to this class solo.
  • Dh goes to all my appointments and the childbirth classes so I figured I would let him off the hook with this one. I think he would of went if I asked him to though. I just think it's not necessary for him to miss work when I can just fill him in.
  • No and didn't need him to. The guys in my class asked stupid questions and seemed bored.
  • Yeah he came with me and I actually think he learned quite a bit just by being there.  There was only 1 other couple there and her DH was also along.
  • Yes, DH came to ours. Most of the women in the class (but not all) had their DH with them.


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  • Yes, my bf came with me and it was a 3 hour class.  He didn't want to go, but I don't think he minded it too much.  It was nice to have him there for support and hopefully he can help me out if I have problems.  About 95% of the women there had their SO's with them.

    For the "hands on" training they gave each couple a baby doll and showed us different holds for breastfeeding. 

  • Yes he did and I'm so glad because it really opened his eyes about it. He knew nothing before the class and left pretty well educated!
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  • No, he didn't and he definitely should have. I was the only chick there without a dude which was just awkward because you would take turns doing thing so the instructor would steal my baby when it was the guy's turn because mine was amiss. That and I think he could have learned a lot. It is not just about the woman's role.
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