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slight cramp?

I noticed a few posts back a lot of comments about being bloated!  I thought I was crazy!  Now I feel better!  However, I am having a slight (almost unnoticeable) pain on the lower left side of my tummy.  Maybe gas??  Haha!  I am hoping it is nothing serious!  Did anyone else experience anything like this?
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Re: slight cramp?

  • I've had pain/cramping on and off the whole pregnancy so far. It could be your corpus luteum cyst. Mine is on my left side and the pain seems to stand out more in that area. Check with your doc just to be sure. Take care and try not to worry :)
  • I am 3 weeks and 6 days today. I have had a cramp/pain in my left side for the last week....gas possibly. The What to Expect book said this is hormones.
  • Thanks!  That helps me to feel so much better!  I am reading what to expect, but haven't gotten to the part about hormones yet!
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  • I had that off and on on my left side always in the same place (around my ovary) until about 9 weeks.  It was like a stabbing pain.  It's probably not gas if it's always in the same place.  Mine turned out the be the corpus luteum cyst.  It could also be round ligament pains (they are not totally on the side, they are in the front on either side of your ute).  You should bring it up to your OB if the pain gets worse, especially if it becomes unbearable or is accompanied by bleeding or vomiting.

  • Hi Emily,

    I am experiencing the same funny little cramps and thought I was going crazy too as I only starting ovulating 9 days ago.  I also had some very light spot bleeding 2 days ago...search for implantation bleeding and cramping.  i think that's what it is.  Good luck!

  • I definitely have had it too...and I too thought it just might be gas or something.  Everything I've read says it's normal to have cramping, but then it started to go away today, and I started to get nervous.  I guess just because it's my only real symptom besides fatigue, and I like the feeling that there's something going on in there! 

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