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I am so confused.... What do you guys think?

Ugh.... So I am in the hospital because I crossed over to the pre-e world on Thursday. It is a very mild case of pre-e at this point. Because of my history (got severe pre-e and had DS at 27 weeks) and how fast things progressed last time, they admitted me. I have been here since Thursday. The dr. admitted to me that if I were a "typical" pregnant lady, I would have been sent home and monitored very closely. Lucky me I am on hospital bed rest....

When I was in triage on Thursday, my BP was pretty high they had me set up to take my BP automatically every 10 minutes and in 6-10 readings, it was high. Once they admitted me and moved me to antepartum my BP has been low. So low, I do not have these types of readings even before being pregnant. They are oddly low  for me - 80-100/50-60. I have mentioned it a few times, like wow, that is low, seems pretty strange - But the nurses and the dr's are like - we love these numbers. I have been taking my BP most of this pregnancy several times a day and I have never had these types of readings. I asked if maybe something was wrong and they said no their machines are calibrated, etc. 

So, I have had great BP and felt overall pretty good. I have had headaches but that is par for the course this pregnacy.  They are not the terrible pre-e headache that I am watching for. This morning the dr said she was going to talk to the other dr's about whether or not I could go home. But since I am reporting these headaches, she said she wanted me to stay another day.

I mostly feel silly for being here. I feel fine and know what to watch for, etc.. and I know how quickly things can turn but I do not feel like I am close....... The dr. said if I were to leave, I would have to go to the dr's office every day if not every other. My dr. office LOVES to send me to triage, so I worry I will be in and out hospital... But mostly I worry that my BP is not accutrate and once I go home it is going to be reading high and I will then be stressed about what to do....

I had DH bring my monitor in today and after the nurse took my BP we used mine. systolic was similar. distolic was about 18 higher on mine. The nurse said, it is not uncommon to do 2 BP readings back to back and get different results... she brushed it off and said they were in the same ballpark... I do not think so.

So, when I see the dr. again I will talk to her about it and ask if we can start doing some of my readings manually and see what we get. My machine has been calibrated by my dr office and I have another machine at home (MIL gave me hers too) and if I have ever questioned mine, I do another and they are similar so I have a lot of faith in mine...

What would you guys do?  I would love to go home but honestly feel like the nerves I will feel being there may drive my BP up...  But my tests are all coming back pretty good at this point and I trust my dr's would not send me home if they were concerned....... I do not have the other signs of pre-e and unless I show a reason for concern, they will not do labs again till Monday....

I have just worn myself out typing all that... thanks for reading my ramblings......

Re: I am so confused.... What do you guys think?

  • Here is my take - I was admitted for pre-e (just crossing over the line pre-e) and was kept for 2 weeks before I finally got to go home and have done much better since coming home.  My bps are actually lower and more stable here as I am able to sleep and relax since I am at home.  My protein levels have actually decreased as well.  I would want to go home, especially if you will be monitored so closely, you know they are taking the best care of you possible.

    That seems crazy that your numbers are so low - it is my understanding that the higher your bps is what basically hurts your body so bad with pre-e (maybe I'm confused).  I would def. ask for some manual readings if for nothing but peace of mind.

    In the end you need to do what is best for you, Lauren and your family at home.  I don't know if any of my rambling really helped but I hope so :)  Hang in there!  My t's and p's are with you!



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  • I would do some readings with your machine/your MIL's machine (depending on which one(s) you really trust) and see what your readings are over a period of a few hours.  See if your nurse(s) can do some manual/machine readings at the same time to get an idea of the range of numbers.

     I know that bedrest (especially in the hospital sucks.  I was on bedrest for 7 weeks at home, 1 week in the hospital before my twins arrived.  And I still wish I made it to week 20 of bedrest, b/c my twins would be here. 

    I would want to stay in the hospital, especially given that you need very close monitoring under any circumstance.  I felt better in the hospital, even though my situation was very precarious, because I felt that if anything happened, everyone could react quickly.

    That is exactly what happened when it came time to deliver my twins.  I started cramping at 4 am (no contractions on feel or on the monitor), bleeding at 7:20 am and my twins were out by 8:14 am.  They only survived 3 days but I don't think they would have made it at all if I was home (and I'm only 10 minutes from hospital) and I would not give up those 3 days for anything.

     Sorry this turned into a personal response, but bottom line, I would stay in the hospital if they will keep you in.  It's only for a few more weeks and then you will have your little girl safe in your arms.

  • Thanks for your responses and chocolatechip, by all means, your personal response is welcome. Your story has broken my heart before and reminded me just now that although hospital bed rest SUCKS, this is the best place for me. I will eventually leave here. The most important thing is to keep myself and my baby girl safe.

    Since we last talked, the dr's came in and told me that under no circumstances, will I be going home.  So, that solves my problems about worrying about that. She asked me if I was going to fight her on it and I told her obviously my choice would be to go home but I have had anexity all day thinking about it. I think I would have worried myself to death and been back here in a few days. So I am glad there is no choice to be made and that they know what is best for me. I just have to trust in that and be thankful that I am getting such good care. I do feel awful because although I have dreamt about a full term pregnancy I asked them if we could negoiate a 36 wk c/s.... she said she doubted I would make it that far but perhaps we could talk.... now I am feeling terrible and should take every day I can get and not wish this away... it is just hard being in here not to wish for the end to come. But I need a happy ending and a baby girl going home with me - so I am praying for forgiveness for even letting my mind go there.....

    Thanks again, I really appreciate the help and the reminder of how precious life is and I need to quit thinking so selfishly!!!! Many thoughts and prayers to you chocchip- I do not know how you recover from a loss like yours. But I appreicate your advice and you made a difference to me today.


  • Mrs - I think you have the unique situation of knowing that a 36w little girl will be just fine, based on the hx of your son! I was glad for you to see that you are already at 33w, yes the end is in sight but moreso, you know exactly what you are facing with an early baby. It is a fine line of when baby will do better in the world vs. in utero, and you know your Dr. will help decide that. You will be fine - just hang in there Mama!!
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  • Its so hard not to have an automatic selfish reaction. When I started having my complications around 28 weeks I was so mad I ended up closing the nursery door because there were so many sacrifices I had to make immediately for my unborn child, I was just m-a-d! I got over it pretty quick when I realized how I was reacting, so don't kick yourself about wanting to go home. No one wants to stay at a hospital on their back for a long period of time!

     I hope the next 3+ weeks go by super quick for you and your healthy happy baby goes home with your new family without an extended stay.

  • I think the differences you and your nurse got with the BP readings is completely normal.  As a nurse- we wouldn't even blink at one reading that was 18pts difference on one end if it was just taken minutes before and was fine.  (That being said- some cardiac patients who just had surgery or a heart attack have closer parameters, but I digress).

    My BP at the clinic is always great when they do a manual reading.  Same when my nurse comes to my home to give me my shot every week.  When I go to Perinatology or when I was in the hospital- they use the machine- and I was always higher.  Even with the right cuff and all.  I have known this to be true before- so I often ask for it to be manual.  

    If I was going through the pre-e rollercoaster like you, I would be nervous, too.  

    The low readings you are getting in the hospital are probably because in general, you are under less stress, even though you are missing your family dearly.  Think about what you don't have to worry about right now- that is likely why it is lower.  Did they put you on meds?  That might play a part of you are on stuff.  

    Oh, just a little something to think about:  Nurses can be bribed with food/candy/etc.  It is true.  We aren't proud of this, but it is the eay it is ;)

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