3rd Trimester

Wedding today...oh joy!

A semi-close friend's wedding is today and I have said since the beginning that my husband will be going alone because:

a) I can't think of anything worse than being overdue and expected to sit through a bunch of wedding stuff

b) nothing to wear

c) I was really hoping I would have a newborn by this date

Well, looks like I am going because I am actually not all that miserable, do have a dress, and am clearly not nursing a newborn.

I am now very excited about the buffet, being an obnoxiously large pregnant woman hip thrusting on the dancefloor, and most importantly freaking out every attendant as they look at how large I actually am and then telling them I was due Thurdsay - the look you get is PRICELESS! Sheer terror.

Pregnancy is fun!

Re: Wedding today...oh joy!

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