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Last Will faux-pas

My hubby and I have been trying to decide who to name as the baby's legal guardian in our will. We decided that we would talk about it and then go together to discuss it with who we would like to choose.


Hubby talked to his brother and asked him if we could name him in the will! He told him that we were also thinking about my brother and his wife- and so they should just decide between themselves should it becaome necessary!

I'm pissed!!! I do not want the baby to go with his brother (for various reasons) and now it's already been put out there! And isn't a will about choosing ONE person so the decision doesn't get made FOR you (at an extremely stressing and painful time).


How did you guys all pick the one person?

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Re: Last Will faux-pas

  • It was an easy decision for us.  We chose my sister and her husband because they would be the next closest people to us if something ever happened.  DH has brothers too, but they just aren't as close to our son or to us as my sister and her husband are.  And most importantly, if anyone ever had to replace "Mommy" it would be my sister hands down.  She is so much like me in so many ways that it would make things easier on our children. 


  • We didn't really follow the rules of making it someone similar in age and close. There just is not anyone like that near us. We discussed it and ended up with my Dad and his wife as they are unable to have children but they are older and live in FL so it would be quite a move but it just seemed best. Of course, if they pass we will have to move to the next viable option. I guess we consider it a work in progress.
  • For us, it was a pretty easy choice.  We chose my parents because they would be most likely to raise the baby the same way we would.  I know it's not ideal because they are older than say, a sibling or other family member, but I only have one brother who is 21 and in no way ready or able to care for my child, and hell could freeze over and I still wouldn't choose DH's half-sister as guardian.  My hope is that once my brother is old enough and settled enough in his life, we can change it to him (and hopefully his wife, if he ever gets one).
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  • We chose my cousin and her husband. They are Dh and my best friends  and they have a very similar style and belief system. It was important to us to pick someone most like us and extremely trustworthy.
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  • We named my brother. I am one of three and my DH is one of seven, and out of all of them, he was the most responsible and most likely to instill the same beliefs and values that we would. We understand that he will get married in the future and start his own family, but we couldn't imagine our son being cared for by anyone else.
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