3rd Trimester

Past EDD-ers...checking in.

Hey ladies,

Just thought I would check in and see how everyone is holding up that is past their EDD.

I have made a conscious decision to no longer update my FB and Myspace with pregnancy things as I am becoming a little worn out with the "Is he here yet?" questions.

I have also decided I am no longer going to complain when I am in pain. Throughout the first 2.5 trimesters I always kept my discomfort to myself and was very positive. Lately I think I have become very whiny and woe is me when will the baby come. Granted I am in much more discomfort now than I ever was before. I think the positivity might really pay off now though.

So anyways - I hope you are all beautiful and large and happy!

Re: Past EDD-ers...checking in.

  • Good for you! I on the other hand have been complaining more then ever this week. I have a chest cold and it is making all the soreness and discomfort of being 40 weeks pregnant ten times worse. My induction is scheduled for Tuesday so I am counting down the minutes! GL to you!
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