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Maxi Dresses Question

I'd really like to wear a Maxi dress for some of my maternity pictures. So, for you ladies that have one, is it a non-maternity maxi? or a maternity one? Do you think it matters since they are so long?

Re: Maxi Dresses Question

  • I have a bunch of maxi dresses from pre-pg.  I haven't bought any "maternity" ones.  The only place you really need to worry about is the bust area.  The rest is so loose and flowy there's no need for it to be specifically maternity.
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  • None of my Maxi's are maternity.   Most of them aren't even actually a larger size.
  • I got one from Old Navy that is not a maternity one, I just wear a tank underneath. It's super comfortable!
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  • I just bought one for my shower in my pre-pregnancy size that is not maternity.  I'm pretty short, so it actually worked out because my belly takes up some of the extra length so it doesn't drag on the floor so much.  Its still a tiny bit long, but I don't want my gigantic feet and ankles in any of my shower pics, so I'm fine with it!
  • I think it only depends on the dress.  I got 2 maxi mat. dresses and love them!.  No one thinks they are maternity, but they are thick and streatchy and maybe have a little more gathering to accomidate the bump.  If you have a well made reg. maxi it would probibly be the same way, you may want to try both on and see how you like the fit and also pay attention to the fabric (can you see through it, color or bra/panty lines, etc)  and make sure you wear the correct underwear.   
  • I bought one new one that was like a 1x pre-preg and the rest I had beforehand. I have not needed to buy any maternity ones BUT the tops are very small. I have been using a bellaband on my chest to make it less revealing and keep from having bra straps.
  • I have a maxi dress that's not maternity.  I picked it up from Forever 21 for like 10 bucks.  I normally wear a small there, so I got the med.  This was about a month ago.  It's too small now in the bust.  I wish I would have gotten the large.  I say go for the non-maternity.....just try it on and get whats the most comfy!

    You'll look super cute! :)

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