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Update to glucose test...just drank the stuff....

haha. i am not sure that every office gives out the same stuff but mine was in a 50 gram bottle, made by EasyDex. It was really cold since they gave it to me at my last visit. And it tasted so much like orange soda I was surprised. If anything it had a slight orange triamenic (which i loved growing up) aftertaste but it tasted like orange soda. Started it as 2:00.. I finished it in like 5-8 minutes b/c the sweet orange taste was enjoyable..

Time will tell if I passed or not..leaving for my 3:00 appmnt shortly.

and for reference, i had a bagel w/ cream cheese this morning. and scrambled eggs with toast for "lunch" about 1:30.

Re: Update to glucose test...just drank the stuff....

  • GL! My glucose test is in a couple weeks and I'm paranoid- not for any reason because they tell me I should be fine- but it seems scary to me! I work with a girl that had a baby in January who had diabetes prior to being pregnant but didn't need insulin until she was pregnant. It seemed awful to have to check your blood all the time, really monitor what you eat, and give yourself the injections.. I know I'm in a totally different boat but still.
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  • They  gave me the drink to take home...I have to drink it a half hour before my appointment...I hope mine tastes like yours lol!
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