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An ounce of freedom...

I had gotten permission from my midwife last Friday to go to my DDs dcotro appt and preschool open house.  I did not ask if that still applied after my contrax on Monday nite.

So- mom came and drove us to clinic- DD had appt- did awesome with her shots- she had to have 3 of them and was so good!

Then, drove through coffee shop to get iced coffee- went home to rest.  Then went to DDs preschool open house- found chair to sit in, stayed there for about 30 minutes.  

Went home- CRASHED!  I was so frickin' tired!  I didn't walk in the clinic- we used a wheelchair, and I have less that 250ft to be concerned with at the preschool.

I felt so wasted once home and throughout evening.  Now- I am feeling awake- so I went bumping.  

The sunshine and nice breeze were great- but it wore me out...

Those were things I had 'permission' for- I can't imagine being one of those women who does a bit of cheating on the BR restrictions.  I am too tired to cheat!   

Re: An ounce of freedom...

  • I got permission last weekend to go get a prenatal massage on my bday... it was great! I did not ask permission and snuck out to dinner that night. I was so freaking beat all day Sunday... go figure I end up in the hospital within a few days... I refuse to tie the events together... just coincidence!  Rest up and glad you got to enjoy your outing!
  • Yeah- I actually had the U/S today, then hung out at my parents in the recliner for the afternoon.  Ended up taking a 3 hr nap- guess I was way tired.  

    I am hoping that nothing comes of Labor Day weekend for any of us here.  And, no, I will not tie the events together- I too will jot them down to coincidence.  LOL! 

  • I know! At 35 weeks I will go off of bed rest but stick to the nifedipine until 36 weeks because I need a week of getting a hair of endurance back. My doctor told me she wanted me to go off both cold turkey at 35 weeks and my jaw dropped to the floor. I snuck out for less than an hour today to stalk the new Halloween decorations stores are putting out and I've been flat on my back ever since. I keep waiting  for a decent hour to ease up to bed. I'm so thankful I don't have another baby to keep up with or I would be done for!
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