Trying to Get Pregnant

I could use some help...

I have no idea what is going on with my is what has been happening:

The first day of my last period was July 24. I did not start taking a new pack of BC, so this is my first cycle off the pill.

Two weeks later (well about 15 or 16 days) I had some light spotting. Just a bit when I wiped, lasted 2 or 3 days.

 Two weeks later, assuming I had a regular 28 day cycle (which is hard to say since I am off the pill), no period. HPT negative.

By 10 days late for me period, I started spotting again. Also very light, just when I wipe, and very brown. Lasted two days. HPT negative.

Went to my dr. today, not helpful. Urine test there was negative. She has requested blood work but does not want me to do it for a week.

I have also had a few moments of nausea, two of which have resulted in my acutally vomitting. I did today, and then a couple days ago, so I know I don't have a bug or something or else it would persist. Rather, it just hits me, lasts a few minutes and then I am fine.

What is going on? Am I pg? Are my hormones out of whack becasue I went off the pill? When should I take a HPT again? If I am not pg, where is my period? This is so frustrating! 

Anyone's thoughts, suggestions, advice or comments would be appreciated. 

Re: I could use some help...

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