3rd Trimester

Anyone else measuring REALLY far ahead?

I had my 32w appt today, and I am measuring 39!!!  I know fundal measurements are inaccurate, but this is insane!  Anyone else like this?

We're doing an ultrasound in 2 weeks, but I'm kind of freaked out!  

Re: Anyone else measuring REALLY far ahead?

  • With Alek's pregnancy I measured like that throughout the entire pregnancy... I had too much fluid (polyhydramnios)  but he was just fine.

    He was delivered by c-section 10 days early and was 6lbs 7oz and 21 inches.

    it's great that they are doing the u/s- let me know what the prognosis is!

  • I was like that with Keegan, they told me it was just to much amniotic fluid. They did an ultra sound at 40 wks and didn't tell me anything had changed. 2 days later I had him and he was 10lbs. The doc said "oops, I was wrong, we should have induced u like 2 weeks ago." Needless to say I switched docs. 
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  • I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and my baby was measuring two weeks ahead...the baby, not the fluid!  they said he was 4 1/2 lbs and that was at 29 weeks.....today the doctor said we are going to do another ultrasound next week because I am measuring 35 weeks although I am only 32!  She said no doubt he is big!  I am concerned too:)
  • My fundal height has been ahead the entire time, and the ultrasounds have been measuring about a week ahead of my due date but the doctor doesn't think he's a bigger baby because of it.  Good luck!

  • I measured 4-5 weeks ahead and baby was born 6 days early. He was 9lbs, 6oz.  Like you said, fundal height can be innacurate.

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  • My fundal height was 45cm today.  So, yeaaaah, measuring a little big.  I have polyhydramnios (27cm at my 34 week u/s).  We're getting another u/s next week. 
  • I've been measuring ahead for quite some time--doc was convinced I had too much fluid, but the ultrasound came back just fine.  Normal amounts of fluid and baby in the 50th percentile.  Turns out, its just how I'm carrying--way out in front.
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