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~~Bed Rest mama's Tues Check In!~~

Please let me know if anyone needs to be added or removed, or if anything about your status has changed.

Congrats to curlyworms on the birth of her son. We wish you all luck through his NICU stay, please keep us posted on his progress!

Here is a list of nesties who can commiserate together during bedrest. Nothing better to do, right? Share your story, progress, news, and any ideas of how to keep yourself busy. Check in will occur each day on the High Risk Pregnancy Board in the mornings.

Post back with your info if you?d like to be added to the list!

QOTD: Do you live in a house or apartment? Is this where you want your DC to grow up or are you hoping to be somewhere else eventually??

Name: mrst1014 (Meagen)
EDD: Sept. 22, 2009 (God Willing)
Type of BR:  Strict, just get to go to the bathroom, shower ever other day, but I have to use a shower seat.
Since when: 8 weeks (2/13)
Reason: It started with a SCH. At 14 weeks I had massive bleeding and needed two blood transfusions. I also have partial placenta abruption.

Name: jennandjt (Jen)
EDD:  September 22nd
Type of BR: strict bedrest with bathroom privileges and the occasional trip downstairs to the recliner. All meals are delivered by my DH as I do not want to spend anymore time than I have to putting pressure on my cervix!
Since when: April 22.....19wk2day
Reason: during my BIG ultrasound they found my cervix 1.5 cm dilated and I went in for an emergency cerclage. Hoping to hold on to this pregnancy as long as possible as I was given a 50, 50 chance....would love to beat those odds!!

Name: Mrs.Babbsy
EDD: 10/13/09 Mono-di twin GIRLS:)
Type: Full bedrest with shower and bathroom priveleges
Since: 5/20                                                                                
Reason: Preterm Labor, shortening cervix and baby B is 18% behind.

Name: Lucky428
EDD:  10/13/09
Type of BR: Modified
Reason: small placental tear

EDD: 9/5/09
Type: Modified with one outing per week
Since: 5/26/09                                                                                
Reason: large fibroid on cervix, cervix continues to shorten. Possible use of steroid shots in the next few weeks if cervix continues to shorten

Name: Realisticdreams8
EDD:  11/9/2009
Type of BR: Modified, Basically House Arrest and stay off my feet
Since when: May 29, 2009, 16 weeks 4 days
Reason: spotting, cramping/pain from marginal placenta previa

Name:  n&d+2
Due date:  August 28th
Since when: 6/10---28 weeks 5 days
Type of Bedrest: Modified, at home. resting most of the day
Reason:  twin pregnancy, shortening cervix, positive ffn test

Name: 2baclark (Shanika)
EDD: 11/10
Type of BR: Modified bedrest. Can get up to use the bathroom, shower and brush teeth
Since when:  5/19
Reason: Incompetent cervix.

Name:  mrsjrmiller (Arika)
Due date:  October 21
Since when:  22w 5d (June 22)
Type of Bedrest: Strict, can shower, use bathroom obviously go to my appointments...
Reason:  preeclampsia

Name: kadyra (Andrea)
EDD: September 13th
Type of Bedrest: Strict until 28 weeks, modified from 28 weeks until...
Since when: 25weeks 6days (June 6)
Reason: Placental abruption, IUGR, preterm contractions, and severe dyspnea of pregnancy (sometimes requiring 02)

Name:  Jen (Jen*Johnson*)
Due date:  October 29th
Since when:  20w (June 12)
Type of bedrest: Modified... I am allowed to do what's necessary to watch my 9 month old but I need to be laying most of the day still.
Reason:  Low Amniotic Fluid.

Name:  Francisca
EDD:   10-25-09
Type of BR: Hospitilized, bed pan and IV until either 32 wks or I stop contracting and re-efface a little
Since when: 07/7/09
Reason: pre term labor

Name: Sandra_05 (Sandy)
EDD: Sept 6th
Type of Bedrest: Modified ? allowed to shower, make quick meals and walk down stairs. Not supposed to be on my feet for longer than 15 minutes at a time. 
Since:  July 20th
Reason:  PIH and previous history of pre-e

Name: Jessica (JessandJeremy)
Type of BR: Modified  
Since when: 7/18/09
Reason: PT Contractions

Name: Jessica-Kay
Type of BR: Strict (up to use bathroom and shower)
Since when: 7/11/09 (29 weeks 6 days)
Reason: PT Contractions and positive Fetal Fibronectin test.

Name: lynnew
EDD: 8/28/09
Type of BR: Modified  
Since when: 6/11/09
Reason: So many reasons, they are hard to list.  I was carrying twins and lost one at 20 weeks.  I have had a shortened cervix, contractions, a positive FfN test, abnormal Dopplers on blood flow, baby's heart rate dropped and is low,  now a drop off in growth or small growth.  I was in the hospital a bit but now and home and hoping she is going to be healthy healthy healthy!

Name:  sunandsand
EDD: by LMP its 9/14/09, will be induced 2 wks before that
Type of BR: Can shower, get up to pee, microwave a meal, drive myself to appts
Since when: July 22
Reason: PIH, swelling, h/a, RUQ pain, contractions

Name:  mefsta777
EDD: 1/4/10
Type of BR: Modified, no more than 30 minutes of sitting or standing, no leaving the house
Since when: 7/31/09
Reason: "threatened miscarriage" and placental abruption

Name:  megan (megsok11)
EDD: November 11, 2009
Type of BR: strict - only quick shower, bathroom, food, and doctor appt.  hope to get modified BR after 28wks, but i know i won't be able to go back to work.  Getting 17P injections from home health weekly until 36wks, and received betamethasone injections at 24wks.
Since when: July 14, 2009 (23wk 0d)
Reason:  one episode of spotting, vag US showed cervical funneling.  no risk factors, first pregnancy, no spotting since that one time

Name: Carrie (cagreeran)
EDD: Sept. 11
Type of BR: Modified (can walk around the house a little, bathroom, shower, make quick meal, not allowed to go up and down stairs more then 3 times a day)
Since when: July 27 (33w4d)
Reason: Intense BH Contractions the night of July 27. Went to Hsp. next morning was put on the monitor was having more then 6 an hour. Two shots to relax my uterus and was sent home on bedrest.

Name: Angeline924
EDD: 11/28
Type of BR: strict bedrest. Can get up to use the bathroom, shower( 5 min every other day)
Since when:  7/30 22w3d
 Incompetent cervix, I was dilated 2 cm w/ bulging bag at last appt, had an emergency cerclage

Name: Cindy (Timmylulu)
EDD: 10/16
Type of BR: wasn't specified but for the next week I can use the bathroom, shower, make lunch, go to dr. appointment and my baby shower this weekend
Since when:  8/7 (29w 6d)
History of loss at 21 weeks, reason unknown, but I went into labor early and baby boy was too young to live. This pg I have been getting P17 shots weekly
starting at 16 wks and biweekly us starting at the same time. At my visit last week my cervix shortened from about 30-31 to 29 but when pressure was applied it went to 27 so dr. wants me off my feet

Name: Mandy (mandyunc2003)
EDD: 11/10 (more realistically, 10/13-10/27 since it's di-di b/g twins)
Type of BR: Strict!  Allowed to get up for restroom breaks and meals only.
Since when:  8/6 (26w 2d)
Went from 3.7cm to 2.4cm within 3 weeks, and Baby A (girl) is only in the 9th percentile for weight (1 lb 11 oz).  Baby B is doing great and checked in at 2 lbs (45th percentile), so I'm ordered to eat every 3 hours and make it fattening :)   

Name: Erica (ericacathryn)
EDD: 1/29/2010
Type of BR: Modified, but this was explained as only getting up for meals and bathroom breaks.
Since when:  8/5
Subchorionic hematoma that keeps getting bigger. 

EDD: 9/29
Type:hospital with bathroom rights and one 30 min.
wheel chair ride a day
Since When: 8/5 @ 32 weeks
Reason: mild pre-e with previous late loss so they want me closely monitored.

Name: JustMeg8378 (Megan)
Just released from hosp. sent home on strict BR with bathroom/shower privleges
Since When:
7/31 at 28w1d

Name:  Sara (Fusonies)
EDD: November 9, 2009 (?Oct 9th due to twins)
Type of BR: Bathroom and showers only.
Since when:
July 14, 2009 (23wk 0d)
Reason:  Hospitalized at 23 weeks due to incompetent cervix and had a rescue cerclage.  Rec'd steroids at 24 weeks.  Weekly progesterone injections and doc visits.  U/s every 2 weeks.  Expecting twins after 4 yrs of trying and 2 IVF cycles.

Name:  MrsDeLaVara
EDD: 11/06/09
Type of BR: Strict - Hospital until delivery.. can get up to pee and that's about it.
Since when: 08/10/09
Reason: Water broke on 08/10 at 27w3d.

Name:  retroeva (Eva)
EDD: 18 Oct 09
Type of BR: Modified Couch Potato ;)
Since when: 17 Aug 09
Reason: GD, dizzy spells, and pre-term contractons

Name:   mhenry (Marisa)
EDD: C-Section scheduled Dec 16, 2009
Type of BR: Bedrest while still taking care of my 2 yr old w/ help (for now)
Since when: August 10, 2009 (21 weeks)
Reason: High Blood Pressure. The doctor is being pro-active due to me having my son Cameron at 29 weeks from Pre E.

Name:  Jenn (JennRN65)
  10/31/09 (undecided whether scheduled induction or C/S at 38 weeks)
Type of BR:
  Modified, bathroom and shower priviledges, can cook for myself, dr.'s appts, and pre-natal classes/baby shower as long as I sit
Since When:
  8/14/09 (28w, 6d), though on 8/7 my work hours were cut in half and I was told to do nothing at home
Contractions, Dizzy spells when upright, GD, 2 clotting disorders, and history of Pre E, PTL, 3 abruptions (one of which was a full term still born), and 3 m/c.

Name: Hipstrix (Chrissy)
EDD: October 9, 2009 but c/s scheduled for October 2nd
Type of BR:  Modified.  I had to stop working and now I'm basically supposed to listen to my body and "take it easy" which, right now, means bed/couch punctuated by 10 minutes up to do things around the house here and there.
Since when: 8/21
Reason: Irritable Uterus and daily, strong and regular contractions which seem to be brought on by activity.

Name: Meg1031 (Megan)
EDD: October 31st, 2009
Type of BR:  Between modified to semi strict- I spend most of the day reclined in my recliner, lie down in bed once or twice a day for a bit, can go potty, shower daily (although that takes a lot out of me so I only do it every other day), and avoid going downstairs for anything.
Since when: 28 wks 4 days-Spent 5 1/2 days in hospital first
Reason: I went to local hospital with a "gut feeling" and a few more contractions than I had been having along with an aching like cramps and rectal pressure.  I had contractions every 4 minutes and a positive FFn with cervical shortening and funneling with some dilation.  Got transported to "mothership" hospital an hour away.  They switched the Mag to Nifedipine which I am tolerating "ok"- but still get really dizzy and weak a few times a day though BP is great- and the hot flashes are intense.  Got the betamethasone.

Name: MaggieB79 (Maggie)
EDD: October 30th
Since: 8/19
Reason: Pre-eclampsia.  Went from doing just fine to severe swelling, rapid weight gain, headache and high BP in 2 short days.  2 days of modified bed rest turned into strict bed rest indefinitely...

Name: FutureMrsPrestwood (Heather)
October 10th (although dr. is saying now she won't let us go past 37 weeks so now its looking like we will have a September baby!)
Modified: no going out except for weekly hospital visits for NST and blood work and then another weekly visit with my OB. I'm allowed to "piddle" around the house (dr's words, not mine!) but am basically staying on the couch, off my feet 90% of my day.
Elevated BP now has me diagnosed with gestational pre-hypertension. So far we are maintaing at an elevated (but not normal) BP with the hopes that it will not go up and we won't have to have strict bed rest or be admitted to the hospital.

Name: Manders127 (Amanda)
October 18th (definitely won't make it that far, tentative c/s scheduled for 39 weeks due to breech and GD, hoping to make it til then!)
Hospital, but possibly going home tomorrow depending on US results, then will be modified at home.
Oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid).  Baby is tolerating it well though.. hoping to make it to full term

 Name: Karmanmsw (Karman)
EDD: Oct. 23, 2009
Type of BR:  Modified, I can go the bathroom and take a 10 min shower once a day, and I can drive myself to the doctor once a week:)
Since when: 7/28/09
Reason:  I had pre-eclampsia with my first two pregnancies as well as post partum pre-e with my second.  My blood pressure started rising at 27 weeks so I was put on bedrest!  Our goal is to get to 34 weeks and then hopefully 37. 

Caitlin &Sean (Kate)
Oct 31st ( wont make it that far C-secion @ 37 weeks)
Type of bed rest 
Modified due to a Complete Placenta Previa with Light spotting @ 24 weeks. I can shower for 10 min each day and drive myself to the doctor 1x per week. Also diagnoised with borderline GD two weeks ago #s controlled by diet so far.
Since when

Name: brettszy (Brett)
EDD: Nov. 14th
Type of BR:  Strict, bathroom privileges, shower every few days
Since when: modified beginning Jun 15th (18 weeks)  strict starting July 13th (22 weeks)
Reason: Previous pre-term labor and delivery - had my son at 31 weeks, short cervix - has been as short as 0.97, current PTL

Re: ~~Bed Rest mama's Tues Check In!~~

  • Have a pretty bad headache and my BP is running a little high. Trying to get it down today by doing nothing....

    Do you live in a house or apartment? Is this where you want your DC to grow up or are you hoping to be somewhere else eventually??

    We live in the same town as our families which is great. I am very close to my parents and siblings. My DH owns his own business so I do not see any reason why we would ever move too far from where we are now. We live in a house - it has 4 bedrooms so there is room for all of us. We are also in a really established area, that I cannot imagine ever declining and making us want to move - so I could see living in this same town, same house for a very long time! Best part is we have a huge yard so lots of room for the kids to play!

  • Good morning!  My protein levels dropped to 474!  I'm pretty excited as my Dr.'s didn't even expect me to still be pg at this point :)

    QOTD:  We own our house.  We bought it with the intention of it being our five year plan and we were going to move out of town to get a little more property and storage. My H is a mechanic and does a lot of side work.  We were hoping to be able to put up a pole barn of some sort for his work space as well as storage for all of his stuff.  Since the market tanked it looks as though we will be sitting on our home for a while. We have plenty of space and have completely re-done the home (it was a foreclosure and was disgusting when we bought it).


    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

  • Good Morning!  Well my fasting sugar this AM was 94...a little high for my taste.  I guess my nighttime snack cannot be banana bread and nuts anymore :(  Also i think that yesterday I may have had my first braxton-hicks contractions.  It freaked me out.  I hope this doesn't start happening on a regular basis...

     QOTD: we live in a house with 3bed, 1 1/2 bath.  We have been here for 4yrs and are already growing out of it with just me and DH.  We can stay here with this baby and maybe with another infant, but i hope to move to a larger house within the next 2yrs.  we will stay in the same town though because we are close to family here :)

  • I got my c-section date! 10/20/09 @ 8 am. I am hoping we make it till then although my OB said not to set my heart on it.

    We had put our things in storage and moved in with my parents while looking for a house becuase we did not want to resign our lease and then have to break it. Now i am on bed rest and we are down to one income (std) only pays me 100 dollars a week. So we get about 380 amonth. So looking for a house is on hold at them moment. We are lucky to be here and not having to pay rent and my Mom wont let me give her money for food etc... It really gets me down somtimes that we are living with my parents @ 33 years old with a baby on the way.

  • update- you can take me off the bed rest list, I got to go home last thurs afternoon and then my water broke on Sunday morning and Jackson arrived at 148p Sunday via c-section he weighed 4lbs 13 oz and is 18in. long. He is in the NICU but breathing on his own and doing well. I am recovering well and have gotten to hold him twice. At some point I will try to post pics and good luck to everyone.

    QOTD- i will still answer the question :) we live in a house we bought right before we got married with the plan that we would stay there for a while and raise our family. I hope it will meet all of our needs for a long time. 

  • Name: brettszy (Brett)
    EDD: Nov. 14th
    Type of BR:  Strict, bathroom privileges, shower every few days
    Since when: modified beginning Jun 15th (18 weeks)  strict starting July 13th (22 weeks)
    Reason: Previous pre-term labor and delivery - had my son at 31 weeks, short cervix - has been as short as 0.97, current PTL

    QOTD - We own our home and will probably be here for a while. When we bought we had the plan of only having 2 kids so the 4 bedrooms was plenty of room. With the surprise of #3 we are maxed out on space. I like our neighborhood, schools, and neighbors. I just wish we had a basement!

  • Update:Had to go to L & D last night for contractions.  I was having them for about 2 1/2 hrs and they kept being fairly consistent.  i tried drinking water, lying down, switching sides, eating something- no help.  I didn't want to go in- I was so afraid that I would have be transferred to the cities again...I was in tears as my DH holding my hand saying "Let's go, I'll get dressed- you know it's the right thing to do."  never mind he had been up since 4:30 am and it was 1015 pm at this point.

    So- we went.  I got hooked up and there were all those dang contractions.  they watched me for awhile- they settled down on thier own and actually got a lot better after my midnight dose of nifedipine.  So- I now have permission to take an extra dose of nifedipine if needed.  I got to go home at about 2 am.  My midwife was oncall, and she was torn about what to do with me.  But I felt a lot better- and things calmed down.  If I woulld have patterned out again with the contractions- off to the cities I go.  

    I have this little voice in the back of my head that says I am not sure we will make it to 34 weeks- I hope we do- but I am (and neither is my midwife) not optimistic about this. 


    QOTD:  We own our house- well, the mortgage company does LOL!  Anyway, it is not where we want to be.  We would like a bigger house- although not huge because I am allergic to housekeeping!  My DH will be done with school in the spring and looking for a job as a police officer, and we will move to where he finds a job.  We may even look to Florida as an option as jobs up here are slim.  As a nurse- it will be easier for me to find a job somewhere.  Then- we can look for a great home.  There was one for sale near here awhile back that we loved- the house, the land, etc- and we would have tolerated living up here just to have that place.  But- out of budget, not the right time, and it got sold :(

    The schools in my town are not great- and since we both work in the community- we don't appreciate the anonymity you would get in a bigger town.  It is also quite cliquey here, and if you didn't grow up here, aren't into hockey or soccer, or don't go to the bars all the time- forget it.  

    I want a rambler/ranch style home with 3 bedrooms on the main floor, and office/bedroom downstairs.  Main level laundry, a wrap around porch, a few acres, and lots of storage by way of built in cabinetry, etc.     


  • There is so much to update, but I won't bore you with details :)  I was readmitted to the hospital yesterday for more shortening of the cervix, a swollen face, and contractions every 4-6 minutes with cramping.  I've been on Magnesium since then (not as bad as I'd heard, thankfully), had steroids (again), and currently awaiting the disgusting foli-catheter to be removed from my bladder (checking for pre-e again),  On the bright side, the FFN test was negative so hopefully we're in the clear for 2 more weeks and the babies both looked great on the BPP.

    QOTD:  We own our house, but will be needing to sell in about 8 months when my husband starts his residency.  They do not offer an ER residency in our "greater" city limits, so we have no choice.  We weren't planning on staying in this house anyway, it was more of a place-holder for a few years.  We just didn't expect for our lives to change quite as fast as they have :)  No matter where we go for residency (our top program choices are Columbia, SC and Augusta, GA), we will be returning to Greenville when he's through and hope to buy the house of our dreams then :)

  • Had a good appointment with the OB this morning, she wants me to go off bed rest and medicine at 35/36 weeks- eek!

    QOTD: We bought our house, a 1914 Craftsman, in Feburary and found out I was pregnant the monday after we moved in... I thought I had the flu I felt so awful! Its a 3bd/2ba and its plenty big for us and a kid or two.

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