Prometrium vs PIO

Does anyone's RE prefer Prometrium over PIO?

I think I'm going to see if my RE will let me switch to Prometrium.... I know it's messy.. but seriously, I can't handle more needles.... Crying

he mentioned in our IVF orientation that there is a debate in the field about both drugs... and that they were really similar... the one downside about prometrium he said was spotting...

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Re: Prometrium vs PIO

  • My RE told me that studies right now show that they appear to be very similar.  He prefers Endometrim but, he will be putting my on PIO for my sanity for IVF#2.  I just feel like the endometrin isn't strong enough for me and want to make sure my body has all of the progesterone it needs.
  • My old RE used PIO but my new one prefers Prometrium.  (Personally, I hate supps - I long for my PIO days because it was easier and less messy.)  If you have a definite preference, though, talk to your RE.  As stated above, PIO, Prometrium, and Endometrin are very comparable so your RE might be willing to let you switch. 

  • I'm in a study right now comparing suppositories to PIO.  I was really crossing my fingers for suppositories b/c I did well on them (AF didn't start until I stopped taking them and no spotting), but nope.  Got assigned to PIO.  I thought I'd hate it, but the shots didn't bother me TOO much.  Of course my IVF was a BFN, but I don't think it had to do with the progesterone I was taking.  Both prometrium and PIO kept my levels high.
  • My RE doesn't use PIO at all.  He says that studies really show no difference between prometrium and PIO, so he prescribes the suppositories exclusively.  They are messy, but I have had so many needles in my life lately, that I'm glad to not have to worry about another nightly injection.  I've never spotted with them and I've used them for 4 ivfs and 2 iuis.
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