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Dry Heaving at Desk-Nasty

I am filling in at our front desk this afternoon in our office and a lady just came in to fill out some paperwork...she had the WORST B.O. I HAVE EVER SMELLED!!  Maybe the pregnancy nose just magnified it but it was horrible!!  I went to the bathroom and got our bathroom spray now the office smells like B&B Works Cherry blossom...Sorry had to share...
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More testing on mom and dad for other issues all returned normal results.

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Re: Dry Heaving at Desk-Nasty

  • The other day I was in line at the bank and the man behind me had the worst BO I have ever smelled and I couldn't help but heave!  The poor teller was like OMG, are you okay? 
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  • i have always had a weak stomach with smells or things that look bad, but now with pregnancy its so much worse. I think i would prefer to just throw up than have the constant dry heave where it might happen, might not.  
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  • B.O. can possibly be one of the worst smells ever.  It made me gag even before I was pregnant. 
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