1st Trimester

Dry Heaving at Desk-Nasty

I am filling in at our front desk this afternoon in our office and a lady just came in to fill out some paperwork...she had the WORST B.O. I HAVE EVER SMELLED!!  Maybe the pregnancy nose just magnified it but it was horrible!!  I went to the bathroom and got our bathroom spray now the office smells like B&B Works Cherry blossom...Sorry had to share...
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BFP #2 February 2009 | m/c March 2009 | 4 weeks 3 days
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BFP #5 2/13/13 | CP 2/19/13 | 4 weeks 
BFP #6 3/21/14 | EDD 11/24/14 Grow, little one, grow!!!
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"Dear Lord, I would have loved to have held my babies on my lap & tell them about you, but since I didn't get the chance, would you please hold them on your lap & tell them about me?"
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Re: Dry Heaving at Desk-Nasty

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