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Today's the day I tell DH!! (long)

 (for those of you who don't know. I decided to wait until today to tell DH because he's been studying HARDCORE for his CPA exam which he is taking this afternoon. I didn't want him to loose focus and it wouldn't do any harm to wait 3 days to tell him (except on my sanity!! hehehe)

Well, it's FINALLY here and let me tell you, these last 3 days have felt like an eternity!! Before I tell you my plan, here's another tid bit that makes it so much sweeter! Last night we got together with DH's family for his neice's birthday at Chuck E Cheese. My SIL and MIL would NOT leave me alone about having babies! Even his G-ma pulled out the "oh, you better have a baby soon because I'm getting older you know". (hahaha little do they know!) I told my MIL that my sister just got engaged and she said laughing..... "great. that's just f-ing great, no babies for another 9 months" (my sis is getting married May 14th) and I'm due on May 3rd (well that is what my ticker shows, won't know exact date until our first appt.)Meanwhile, DH doesn't even know I'm KU. It was kind of fun having a secret that NO ONE else knew! Just knowing that we get to share the wonderful news very soon with them all made me want to burst into tears at the party.

Getting to the scoop! Okay, here's the plan. DH is on his way to take his test and study beforehand. (an hour and a half away) It's a timed 3 hour test and starts at 12pm. So, that'll put him on the road back home at 3pm and to our house around 4:30pm which is the time I get outta work. So, the video camera is all set up in the kitchen, kinda hidden by our wine rack. I have an old UPS box that I got when I ordered something from ebay a while back. I'm going to use that box and tell him that I ordered him something online and how glad I was it came today being he just finished his test! (I order things for him a lot on ebay, so he'll think nothing of it) Well, inside the box I have  a super cute stuffed sock monkey (we call eachother monkey as nicknames) and a baby hat that says "mastercraft" on it (he's been DYING to order one of these ever since we've started TTC because we own a mastercraft boat and that's his pride and joy) and of course my BFP HPT!! He's going to be sooo surprised! When I get home and he's out of the kitchen, I'm going to turn the video camera on and go and get the box and set it on the counter so I get it all on video!!!

**Earlier in the week I told him I thought I O'd later than I originally did so I wouldn't be able to test until next week. I didn't need  a reason to fold under the pressure to keep my secret.

 So there it is in a nutshell! Wish me luck! I'm already on the verge of tears just thinking about it this morning!!!

Re: Today's the day I tell DH!! (long)

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