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Is anyone else having issues with personal space?  If anyone comes too close to me I feel my blood boiling!  Even when i am driving and someone is riding my A** I get so agitated and I live on Long Island tailgating is a normal occurance.

Even when DH touches me or comes too close to me I freak out.  I do not know what is wrong with me.

Re: Personal Space

  • I find myself very easily irritated lately. Anything and everything can set me off. Monday was so bad, I could actually feel my blood pressure rising in my head (I felt like it was going to explode, and not like a normal headache). I watched some baby einsteen, and it calmed me down.
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  • ive been having a really bad problem with personal space.. especially when laying in bed trying to sleep... i used to be a cuddler, definately not now!
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    Maybe it's instinctive, just being protective of your baby?? a thought...
  • If anyone gets to close to me I want to give them a breath mint. I thought it would be nice to have a stronger sense of smell. I was wrong.

    Seriously, I think a cat pooed in my co-workers mouth :(

  • I got the same way; not so cuddly anymore & hate when my hubby smacks my booty.

    The traffic is about the same for me accept no I always apologize to my baby for getting upset.


  • Its not just this, but I'm extremely irritable lately. If DH asks a stupid question that he should know the answer to or be able to figure out for himself he gets his head bit off. I feel so bad for him and it just flys out my mouth before I even have a chance to sensor myself. Its driving me nutz!

  • Me me me!  There's a lady at work that's just rude period, she doesn't think before she says/does.  She sits with me to open the mail every day & then will lean over my shoulder (her head pretty much next to mine) to see waht I'm doing with the mail logs.  I absolutely HATE it!  I try to make a very exaggerated lean to the side but she doesn't clue in.

    DH is ok to "crowd" me though (to a point at least).  There's a few times he won't pick up when I try to move back for some breathing room but I usually say something ^_^

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  • I too dont want to cuddle when i sleep anymore. And i get really irritated when dh2b wants to go out and wants me to have his clothes ready for him.. grr get them yourself. he gets his head bit off. hes a big boy. I use to not mind that.
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