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Anyone else have a meat aversion?

I never had anything like this with DS, but I am repulsed by the idea of eating meat right now.  I bought a rottis. chicken for dinner last night, ate one bite, and that was it for me.  I'd much rather have a bowl of cereal or some pasta.  Even the thought of a Chipotle chicken burrito is turning my stomach, and I typically love those.
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Re: Anyone else have a meat aversion?

  • Yup, same here. I had some shredded chicken on a salad last night. I knew I needed protein so I was hoping the taste of everything else would "disguise" the chicken. It actually worked. :)

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  • I would much rather have pasta and veggies over meat anyday. I've never been a big meat-eater, but it's been worse lately. I try to force it down so I can get some protein.
  • My meat aversion started last week with chicken and it now includes all meat and fish.  I've been vomiting anytime I even look at meat or fish and a couple times just when dh mentioned it.  Actually, just reading this post is making me nauseous.  I totally understand about Chipotle!  I love eating there and would happily eat there many times a week, but I just can't handle it anymore. 
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  • Yes, I do.  Thankfully, I have had a few days here and there where meat didn't sound so bad, and I was actually able to have chicken nuggets, or a burger...but those days are few and far between.  I've been trying to eat peanut butter or beans every day to help make up for the lack of protein.  I've also found that I'm not averse to shrimp or clams, so I was able to eat those when we went out to dinner last week.
  • Me too. Most days I can't think about, smell, or eat meat. Some days I've been able to eat some dairy for protein but others I can't do dairy either. Hopefully this passes after the first trimester.
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  • yup,  red meat for me.  blech.  i can do chicken though.  i think my child may come out with a beak.


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  • Yep, the idea of chicken or pork IN something doesn't bother me but taking a bite of a steak would be like sticking my finger down my throat.

    Remember that most people in the US eat too much meat anyway. I know we need plenty of protein while pg but dont forget other sources of protein. Nuts, nut butters, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, beans etc. are all great sources of protein.

  • I had the same problem with a rotisserie chicken last week. I was so excited about it, then I couldn't stand the smell of it. I had pork the other day and it was good. I just can't cook it.

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  • Oh god yes! I LOVE chicken normally, but lately I have only been able to stomach it once a week or so. Pretty normal I hear.
  • I definitely hate the idea of a big piece of chicken or steak.  If there's chicken on top of something or mixed in, I'm fine.  But a chicken breast as the focal point of my meal grosses me out.
  • I can't stand the thought of meat, it totally grosses me out.  I try to get protien from eggs, peanut butter, yougart, cottage cheese... but definatly not meat.
  • Totally. I haven't had meat in almost 3 weeks and I normally LOVE all things meat related :) I asked my OB if I needed to get a protein supplement or something and she said not to worry about it.

  • I can't seem to eat meat either.  Chicken is ok, but not at the top of my list. 
  • I've been having meat aversions since my 6th week.  It is not getting any better.  I've always been a pretty healthy eater but anything healthy just turns my stomach.  so far I am able to eat shrimp and eggs and occasional hamburger but that is it.  Last night I had nachos and cheese for dinner.  I always seem to do well with breakfast foods, pancakes and french toast i can never turn away.
  • I have had a meat aversion since about 6 weeks.  NO meat is cooked or eaten in my house anymore.  My DH takes the kids out to dinner every few nights so that they can eat meat.  I can't even watch commercials on TV that have meat in them.  Do you realize how many burger commercials are on???  Anyway, meat aversion is pretty common.  Hope yours passes quickly.
  • Yes! I went to Applebees on Monday and ordered a steak and was soooo hungry for it and when it came, I just ate the potatoes and onions and couldn't eat the steak (brought it home for dinner for DH.)

    What makes matters worse is that I work at a meat processing plant and we make hot dogs, ham, bacon, etc., etc. and the smell is fine for a few hours in the morning but by 10 o'clock I am dry heaving at my desk. These next 7 months are going to go by slow!

  • Me as well with the rotisserie chicken!  Such a waste of money too.  It really grossed me out.  The smell and texture of chicken in general is grossing me out.  Red meat and fish are okay for the moment.  I told my DH I would be a vegetarian again by the end of this.
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