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How do you know when you're ready for baby #2?

I feel like DS requires so much attention now and I wonder if it would be just too overwhelming for him and us to have another baby.  At the same time, I so want him to have a sibling -- I'm an only child and would like for him to have a brother or sister.  Any thoughts?

Re: How do you know when you're ready for baby #2?

  • Personally, I am of the opinion that you can never plan for what your child will be like in another 9-10 months.  My son is just now getting really active, but he is also learning a lot more independence.  In 6 more months, when I have this baby, I have no idea how he'll be!  I know he will be a caring brother and I know that he, just like the rest of the family, will adjust to a new member of the family.  I say if you think about it forever and ever, you'll never do it!  There is never a "perfect time," so just take the plunge!  (Not you specifically, but one in general!)


  • Well we based our decision on how far apart we wanted our kids. We wanted our kids to be about 2 1/2 - 3 years apart. And we're going with 3 years apart. We hope to ttc #2 in Dec, that gives me time to lose a couple of pounds!! We're also building up a reserve of money for the time that I'm on maternity leave! GL!
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  • Ditto pp -- we based our decision on how the desired age separation between the kids which was about 2-3 yrs.  They are almost exactly 2 yrs apart.  I like that age gap because both DH and I were closer growing up with the siblings that were 2 yrs apart than the sibling that was a greater age gap.  But I will say the 2 yr age gap is a lot of work!!

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  • When the thought doesn't completely freak you out. If I would have gotten pg this time last year, major freak out. If I were to get pg in the next few month, I would be nervous but happy.
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  • We're expecting Gabe's little sister when he'll be almost 27mo. He just hit 25m, and he's an awesome kid. He loves to help me do EVERYTHING- from load and unload the dishwasher, to the laundry, to putting his toys away. He's going to be an amazing big brother. :)

    Ideally, I'd have shot for around 3y between kids (we're only having two), but, I'm very happy with where we are now. I'm sure we'll have our challenges, but, we will get by.

    One thing that will help a lot, is that my sister is expecting her 2nd in December, and will be taking 3mo work (I'm a SAHM). We'll get together a lot to let our older kids wear each other out, and help tackle the new babies together, with Grandma and Grandpa's help. ;)

  • You could have a surprise like we did...Then you're ready b/c you have to be!!  If that hadn't happened, we would have waited several more months.  Our plan was to have DC2 around when DS turns 3.  I figure there's never a "good time" so you just kind of have to go for it.  Our 3 year apart plan was simply b/c it seemed like a good age difference btw siblings. 
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  • we just wanted our kids to be close in age. they are 20 months apart. we just wanted them close in age to be close to eachother and to get 'the hard part' over with before we were in the clear with baby number 1 LOL
  • We want our kids 3 (me) to 4 (DH) years apart.  But right now, neither of us have ANY baby fever.  If we get it, we'll have another.  If we don't, we may just have one.
  • We wanted kids around 3 yrs apart.  For us, we had a hard time adjusting to being parents even though DD was an easy baby.  We knew that we wanted to give her a sibling, but we wanted her to be more independant (talking, walking, tell us what she needs, take direction, etc) by the time another one came around.  I had such awful m/s with her & since having her, that feeling about going through it all again has diminished greatly when she turned 2. We are lucky that DD is good about playing independantly & I don't have to entertain her all the time.  She is happy to color or "read" her books or go to the park if I offer it.  So I think we are ready for another one soon!
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  • i feel exactly the same way as you do. we want dd to definitely have another sibling but i really don't feel ready just yet since dd requires so much attention and is very strong-willed. she also didn't sttn until 14 months AND still wakes up at 6am on the dot so i am still really tired most days.

    some days i am so glad i am not pg yet (i thought i was pg last month) and on other days when dd is playing by herself and seems really lonely i wish that i was already pg. right now we are planning on waiting until next year when dd is at least 2 to ttc.

  • As soon as DD was born I wanted another baby.  I didn't feel complete and we started trying right away.  With #3 I still wanted more but DH wanted to wait.  We weren't being careful and things worked out.  Hopefully now the baby fever subsides for a few years.  I think you will know when it is right.
  • for us it was literally when I POS and got a BFP! we thought we were 1 and done but aparently the man upstairs had other plans for us!
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