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Keeping the cats out of the nursery

I keep thinking about our cats and how on earth we are going to keep them out of the nursery - specifically the crib - when LO gets here. I love my kitties to death but they shed, knock things over constantly, and scratch on everything and I would like to keep the nursery "kitty free."

They are so curious, and they can climb/jump over anything. I'm worried that I'll have to keep the door shut all the time in there. The crib part gets me though. Should I buy a crib tent that goes over it?

What are you all doing if you have cats?

Re: Keeping the cats out of the nursery

  • We're going to get a crib tent.

    We have 3 cats that totally rule the house but obviously the crib is off limits.  I can't see constantly keeping the door closed so the crib tent should serve the purpose.

  • I just started closing the nursery room door.  I'm thinking we may have to put her in the basement for a while.  She's been my only baby for 11 almost 12 years, and I really don't want to do it, but I don't want her in his crib.  If you have a place where you can put your cats, try that. 
  • We keep the door to DS's nursery closed all the time, it's the only way to keep our cats out. ?We considered putting in a screen door (keep cats out, but still be able to see and hear DS) but never got around to that.
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  • i was worried about the same thing.. fortunately my cat has been easy to train regarding certain things so for the past 2 months we have kept the nursery door shut (it's an accordian style door) and we have put a baby gate up against it since she knows how to open it. she wasn't happy at first but is now starting to realize that the room is off limits.

    at first when i would go in there she'd try to sneak in, but now she doesn't bother she just sits and watches what i do from outside.

    we have let her in there twice while we supervised so she could smell the furniture and check things out which i think helped

  • I'm going to see how it goes, but we have a door at the bottom of the stairs so if the cats are bad we'll just keep them out of the second floor.

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  • Friends of ours actually put up a screen door to the nursery.  Kept the cats out (or the toddler in), without being completely closed off from the house.  We'll probably take this route!
  • Our nursery doesn't have a door, and we have 3 kitties!  We'll probably put foil on the crib (once we get one) before Charlie gets here to keep them out.  
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  • If they are already jumping into it you can put foil down on the mattress and when they jump in it will scare them.  We had to do this with our PNP that is set up in our room.

    Just as a precaution our cats will be locked out of out room if Henry is sleeping in it and they will always be shut out of his room. 

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  • I am not too concerned at the moment.  I am planning to start with no intervention and ramp up if needed.  Generally they are really into anything that is new or recently moved but once they have sniffed it a bunch they loose interest.  I am hoping that by letting them check everything out including the crib (with no bedding) long before baby comes they should be on to newer and more exciting things by the time he shows up.
  • we have a screen door on the nursery.  We close it and the cats can't get in
  • I've heard you can put balloons in the crib and they'll scare the cat when he jumps in there..just leave them in for a few weeks and the cats will get used to not trying to get in. ?In theory anyway. ?:)
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  • A friend of mine tried a crib tent- her cat used its claws and tore it to shreds the first day. Truthfully, once DS was here, the cats wanted nothing to do with his crib and they tried to stay in a different room from DS if at all possible- he freaked them out. We always have kept his bedroom door shut at night, and they only recently have started to venture in during the day, but they don't go in his crib.
  • My grandma is absolutely terrified of us having the cats around the baby. She is afraid the cats are going to "suck the breath out of the baby" and nothing i say or do is going to change her mind. Once we start setting up our nursery we will have to figure something out.
  • My crib's been up for a couple weeks now and my cat is not interested at all.
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  • We lock the cats out of all the bedrooms already.  Two of our cats have figured out how to open doors, so on the 2 rooms that don't have a lock (including the nursery) we use door stoppers.  They still sneak in sometimes, but for the most part they don't go in the bedrooms without supervision!
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  • Our girls are very curious too (aren't all cats???) so we have been doing things little by little. ?I am hoping that by the time the baby arrives, they won't show any interest. ?
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  • the pp post or her grandmother thinking the cat is going to steal the babies breath totally reminds me of the Steven King movie, that has the little demon that steals the breath from babies and they  blame it on the cat, my best friend has two cats and they are fine havent shown a intrest in trying to get in the crib at all.
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  • image LERAugust:
    Friends of ours actually put up a screen door to the nursery.  Kept the cats out (or the toddler in), without being completely closed off from the house.  We'll probably take this route!


    I was going to say this exact thing, although we won't use this b/c we don't have kitties. They said it worked great, but you  just have to watch for holes because my friends cats would claw they're way up the screen!

  • We've set up the crib without a mattress, and the cats have showed no interest. So we'll set the mattress in there soon, and let them get used to it. We'll also put aluminum foil in it. I like the balloon idea. Might try that, too. 

    We'll keep the door closed when baby's sleeping, but I don't think the cats will come near the baby for a while.


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  • We are going to keep the nursery door shut at all times.  A screen is not a bad idea.  Our kitty is declawed so it might work.

     My concern is while the baby is sleeping in our room in the bassinet.  Our cat sleeps with us.  I guess we will have to shut our door as well.  The only problem with that is that she has learned to knock on the door if it is closed, so sleeping with be problematic.

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