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Gallbladder problems

So since approximately 6 1/2 months I've had intermittent gallbladder pain, so I've avoided the foods that trigger it. The last 3-4 days I've started having itching, but only right over my liver area in a 2x2 inch square to the point I'm scratching myself raw at night. I know it's cholestasis (where your gallbladder secretions just kinda sit there). I have an OB appt on Monday and will let them know what's going on but I'm concerned about the fact I'm scratching myself. I've tried Benadryl, gloves/socks on my hands but nothing is working. Anybody got any other tips/tricks????




Re: Gallbladder problems

  • Maybe ask on High Risk or rename this cholestasis... some arent smart enough to realize its a gall bladder issue :)
  • I think your OB can prescribe you some medications to help with the itchiness.

    Itchymoms.com is a good resource for info.

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  • Typically cholestasis itching is on your hands and feet, or if it is severe can be over your entire body.  You could try hydrocortisone cream to relieve the itching, and I would suggest calling doctor today.
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  • I have my feet sitting in a bowl of water right now because I was going to itch them raw.  My liver function test just came back normal..so chances are I don't have cholestasis.  However, it can't be ruled out until my bile salts acid test comes back which will probably be next wed or thur it takes 5 business days or so. 

    My itching is mainly on my feet and my palms are a little itchy.  I have random other itchys but only my feet do i want to tear the skin off.

    I'm having a good amount of upper right quad pain at the moment too. 


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  • it's not been too bad, the pains have pretty much only been after I ate stuff I shouldn't have but the itching is insane. My docs at work (I work in an ER) find it funny that I have pinpoint itching, but the Benadryl topical is working pretty well. My skin isn't red when I get up so I feel better about it. Have my OB appt tomorrow and I'll let them know then. For now I'm just avoiding anything that might trigger trouble.
  • I spoke with my OB and "there's really nothing to do" except keep my nails short and keep it up with the Benadryl. I'm now 38 weeks pregnant and pretty much have an attack every night, but I've learned to medicate my skin before bed (it's really weird when my feet itch cause it's on the bottom of them). I've only got 1 1/2 weeks so I'll deal, but I thought I would update so if anyone else gets this torture they can have somewhere to go. Hopefully no one else will have this terrible itching. 
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