1st Trimester

tailbone ache?

usually after I've been standing or cleaning for a few hours my tailbone will start to ache. I have never had this before. The pain gets so bad I can hardly walk at times. Any Ideas? Is this another pregnancy thing? THANKS!

Re: tailbone ache?

  • ache? or hurt? I know the sciatic nerve can get pinched. Hasn't happened to me (oddly, happened to DH last week, lol) and it will usually send shooting pains down your legs/cause some numbness (like if your leg fell asleep).
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  • You probably wont feel sciatic pain until towards the end.

  • I felt mine a few times this week almost like a little sting??? right in the tip of my tailbone. I just thought it was me I have no idea I guess I'll ask my chiro next time I go in he always has answers to my weird questions!!!
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  • OMG... that totally happened to me today.... it just started to ache today during teaching writing to my students... i took one tylonol (thats all i had) - but it didn't do anything.... i wonder what else i could do for it
  • I've had this too! Good I don't feel so crazy. It seems to come and go. My doctor didn't seem concerned, it's just another one of those weird preg symptoms. Thanks for the post.
  • Hi Ladies!  I've been a lurker for a couple months now, but this is my first time posting.  As far as the tailbone ache, I have had this for the last couple of weeks.  It seems to happen to me after I've been sitting on the hard floor or cleaning pretty intensely.  At the same time, I've felt what I feel like is sciatica pain on both sides.  My chiropractor couldn't find anything major going on with me though.  I thought it was just me too!
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