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Is it crazy that

I want to be pregnant again? Is that normal?

While I know I'm going to be mourning for Katie Jane forever, dh and I are SO ready to be parents. ?We've talked about ttc again once the doctors give us the green light. ?Since we know (more or less) what to look for the next go-around, our new doctor (who appears to have adopted us) has a plan already.

I know I'm going to have to have another c-section and be a high risk pregnancy and that truly anything can happen.


Maybe I'm just thinking of this to stay out of reality a bit longer.?

Re: Is it crazy that

  • I think this is normal - its great that your new doctor will be supportive and helpful in your decision when the time comes.
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  • I don't think that's crazy at all


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  • No I dont think thats crazy!!! I think that you have lot of love to share and that you both will make great parents!
  • 100% normal.  I think it's great how positive you are!  I think your attitude shows just how great of parents you will be.
  • It is definitely normal to feel this way now.  It's a good sign that you're moving forward even though you'll obviously never forget/be ok with what happened.  Just be aware that you will probably go through several more phases of grief and there will be a lot of emotional ups and downs to come.  Let yourself feel what comes naturally, and don't be ashamed or afraid to grieve hard at times when you need to.  It might be a good idea to see a professional who deals with grief and loss, so you will be prepared for what may come next and know how to handle it most effectively. 

    For right now though, focus on the future and let yourself be hopeful.  There's nothing wrong with that at all. 

    If you ever need anything, let me know.

  • I don't think you are crazy at all. How exciting to have found a doctor who is so understanding, and already thinking ahead!
  • That's not crazy. Whenever you get there, I wish you all the luck! 
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  • I don't think it's crazy to want to have another baby.  While I think you mourn the daughter you have lost, you shouldn't let that stop you from having another baby.  My parents always said to prepare for the worst so you're ready, but not give up hope for the best.  All the best to you in whatever you decide to do.  :-) Ticker Me-28, DH-26; DOR and PCOS; IUI #1-BFN; IVF #1-BFFN; WTF-9/12
  • Not crazy at all... just having more than one child doesn't mean you love one more than another. 

    Love is infinite, and can't be contained, it just continues to grow!


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  • Hi TW.  I am a newbie but I have been lurking for a while.  I am SO sorry about your loss.  I can not imagine what you and your husband are going through but you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I personally don't think that it is crazy for you to want to be pregnant again.  Everyone is different and there are some who may not be able to think about TTC right away after a loss.  Of course your daughter will always be greatly missed, but there so much life for you and you husband to live, especially together with family.

    I truly wish you two nothing but the best and will continue to keep your family in my prayers.  

  • Thank you all for your support. ?Obviously it'll take awhile and there are other issues we need to take into consideration (PCOS among one of them) before we can make the full decision.?

  • You are not crazy.  My SIL went through something similar and started TTC as soon as possible. She wanted to be a mommy so badly :-)
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  • I agree with Lyssa. The incredible thing about love is that it increases exponentially every day. You and your husband will be incredible parents, and you ARE incredible parents to Katie Jane. You created someone that touched so many lives in such a short time.
  • Not crazy at all! Hang in there, and just keep trying...
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