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appetite (or lack thereof)

nothing at all has sounded appetizing to me for the last week..I don't want to starve the baby, but I just don't feel hungry, or when I do, nothing seems appealing to me.  Anyone else having that issue?
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Re: appetite (or lack thereof)

  • Yep, all food pretty much disgusts me.  Just find the least repulsive thing and make yourself eat.  It won't be pleasant, but it's better than the pain you experience when you let your stomach go empty!!
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  • Yes, and it's driving me crazy. For the past few days, I get ravenously hungry every couple hours, but can't think of anything I actually feel like eating. At lunchtime today I just wandered around the food court until I finally settled on an egg & cheddar bagel sandwich from Einstein's (on an asiago bagel, because I am all about the cheese). And it hit the spot.  
  • I'm having the same thing. When I first got my BFP, I was so hungry -- eating every hour or so! However, these past 2 days, not only is nothing really appetizing but some foods (salmon and eggs) literally make me gag. My friend had really bad m/s and her doc told her to eat whatever she could because whatever nutrition she'd put in her body would go to the baby first. She had cookies. Stick out tongue
  • Yup. I pretty much dread meals. I eat whatever sounds good to me at the moment - and it's usually only one random thing. I feel bad that I'm not eating more nutritious food, but at least I'm eating something.
  • Chicken noodle casserole pretty much does it for me. Anything else makes me gag. Of course, when the dish runs out, then what??
  • Yep, same boat. Nothing sounds good, so for the last two weeks I've been sticking with whatever I can keep down. Right now its plain pasta, grilled cheese sandwiches, apple sauce and noodle soup.
  • I've lost 6 lbs since becoming pregnant.  I'm not hungry.  I'm either too nauseous to eat or full after 2 bites.
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  • Mine goes more like this: my stomach is growling and I'm starving but nothing at all sounds good, so I just eat whatever DH makes or whatever leftovers are around.  Then I feel like crap for the next 2 hours.  I repeat this cycle with every meal.
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  • I had this issue until 2 or 3 days ago!  I tried plain noodles, dry cereal, chocolate milk, but biscuit in the am hit the spot.  You will feel better soon and when the appetite comes back... it comes with a vengence.
  • glad im not the only one on this boat. 

    i can hardly drag myself to cook because I cant settle on anything that sounds good, so this week I have had a stromboli, pizza, barbecue, chicken nuggets, mexican.. all at restaurants.. i get so hungry and finally just go get something to eat that I dont have to cook.

     hopefully this will pass, I am just happy I haven't has m/s yet.. but the constant nausea is lame!

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