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Healthy, filling snacks

This is driving me nuts.  I am hungry all the time.  Once I eat, I need to eat again within an hour and a half or two.  I ate cereal and grapes at 9:30, but was starving again at 11:30.  I had a sandwich, apple, and some crackers, but am ravenous again (12:45).  What can I possibly eat that will fill me up for more than two hours at a time?  I start to feel nauseous once I get hungry, but I am sick of eating all the time. 

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Re: Healthy, filling snacks

  • luna bar, protein bar, string cheese...2 sandwiches! :)
  • Things I find helpful are cheese, yogurt, basically anything high in protein.  Have you tried peanut butter?  That used to work really well for me but lately it's been grossing me out :(

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  • Yes, protein! Looks like most of your food is carbs, which means it's quick to be used as energy. Nuts, peanut butter, protein bar, chicken breast, hamburger, even try natural ice cream or oats mixed in yogurt!
  • Have a little peanut butter with your apples. String cheese, almonds, or even some hummus w/ veggies.
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  • I put peanut butter on everything these days. Cheese or dip with crackers. Anything that has protein for the most part.
  • Yogurt is a blessing-- on the mornings I eat it for brkfst (with granola of course) it keeps me full for HOURS.  Low fat too!  Also, up the fiber of your sandwhich breads and cereals, that helps a lot as well! 
  • I've been noshing on a few almonds all morning long, with some walnuts thrown in.  I have to say, they keep the nausea at bay AND keep me full enough that I don't eat my entire stash before noon.  ;)
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  • Whenever I get hungry between meals, I eat a couple organic bananas.
  • Thanks for the suggestions, I just ran to the grocery store and stocked up on a bunch of things you all suggested.  Hopefully it will help.

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  • I have found SoyJoy bars the best at curbing my appittie I always keep a few in my purse. They help  my m/s too

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  • grazing is the best way to keep your blood sugar at a more constant level, so having 6 small meals a day is what your body may be asking you do. Personally I like low fat yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit or veggies, a handfull of almonds or nuts, piece of fruit that has fiber/ruffage (to ward off getting backed up), 1/2 peanut butter or avacado sandwich on whole grain wheat bread, several slices of cheese like sharp cheddar, or a handful of dried fruit.  With all the snacking needed to keep you feeling your best, it's a good idea to not have large breakfasts/lunches/dinners. Keeping the meals small but constant will help you from feeling overstuffed!

     I've also found it helps to chew mint gum inbetween grazing, although some prefer lemon drops to make the stomach ease up a bit.




  • Depending on what sounds good, I go between granola bars (usually Kashi), cheese sticks, fruit, or hummus with pretzels.

    I'm finding I feel much better if I eat snacks/smaller meals every 2-3 hours rather than eating 3 meals a day.

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