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AW I think DH is finally figuring it out

The past couple days he has been doing things for me.  This weekend we were at a party and he came and took my dirty plate and then got me dessert with me asking.  He washed the windows in my car and cleaned it out.  I have been showing him my bump growth more and I think it has finally set in for him that I'm making him a baby.

The best was last night.  I told him that 'it' was moving and he said "the baby?"  It was just really cute that he called it the baby.

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BFP 1/8/11 - U/S 2/24/11 (11wks) no heartbeat measuring 6w1d - D&C 2/28/11

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Re: AW I think DH is finally figuring it out

  • I know what you mean....

    today we went and found out what we were having, and i could see his face light up on while watching our little one roll around on the screen. It was the most incredible thing to see. He was jumping up and down due to being excited, and he's called everyone in his family (it's been like 20 minutes since we got out of the doctors)

     I'm sure that when baby comes out, he will do a complete change. he'll realize that he's now daddy and with that position, responsibilities start

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